SF4 Connecticut players

Hey, just here letting you all know that if your in or near fairfield county in Ct you can pm me, because I hold game nights with my friends, and it mainly consists of SF4, maybe some Guilty Gear, DOA4, or anything you can bring, were open to trying out any game. PS2, and 360 at this point. So this is an open invite to pm me if you would like to participate in these game nights.


Umm. Nobody outside of Connecticut plays SF4 anymore dude.

If only we had some kind of section designed for bringing players from regions together? Oh well a person can dream.


whoever try to disrep us best be watchin

maybe dem ballers from vermont? fuckin comedy dey cant hold dat candle to us

new hampshire? shit bro dey like old hampshire dey moves so crusty

Maine? fuck those lobsterass pimpchumps we beat em all day

Can i get your full name, address, phone number & social…I really want to attend this…


but if you wanna throw down in some sf4 let me know

word?!? ok let me know if you want to throw down sometime with me and some friends

Damn … .:shake:

Hey 09er. Welcome to SRK. Im surprised you’ve made it this far with this thread.

Go here. . .


Welcome to CT-Fighters. Please dont make us look any more foolish then we already might be.

Oh and Boleslaw, New Hampshire aint shit son. CT got DAT ILLEST MVC1 players around!


YO!! is this Grape Ape? If it is, then its about time you got on here man!

DID YOU JUST CALL ME A GRAPE MAN! nah this is just Ape, WWH ape. HA HA