SF4 controller settings: Arcade stick vs controller


Is there any known benefit to switching the controller setting to ‘arcade stick’ over the ‘controller’ setting?

Let me clarify: I use a stick, but in the controller setup it gives the option to switch the setting to controller or arcade stick. I only noticed this the other day and had no idea of it before.


I’m not sure but I think its only the name of the layout of buttons…
It changes the settings for the layout…


I would like to bump this as I too would really like to know if there is some sort of difference between the two settings.


I didn’t understand the difference either, but I still changed it…


I tried them both and have never found a difference.


might change sensitivity or something. ill look into it.


If you change the setting to “arcade stick” then scroll through the controller types, they’ll correspond to different arcade stick button mappings.