SF4 Disconnect on you

Im fighting myself thru 1,2 and third match in G2 Championchip.
Im at the semifinal and kicking a A ranked G2 guy with my shy Guile.
getting the disconnect from PSN screen and all my victorys goes … BYE BYE!
im a rank E G2, so i hope you can see my frustration here.

why oh why!! is it PSN or SF4 that fails?

PSN version will always disconnect for me if you press start repeatedly after round 1 during the start of round 2. The connection is also noticeably shittier and matches load slower when connecting.

PSN, get off the Wifi.

PSN ALWAYS disconnected me when I was on wireless. If you can, set it to ethernet. You shouldn’t be disconnected after that.

damnit! im actually going on Wifi, the cord is so ugly! damnit!
thanks guys! :slight_smile:

yeah, im gonna use ethernet today and try to from now on. The 2-3 times i played sfiv on psn . . . F******* PSN raised my disconnect % back up to 1% then back to 0% then back to 1% and now i’m back at 2%. In that process . . . I lost about 300+ GP. Freggin PSN can suck my ballsack.

im at 5%, im getting scared here, ppl wont play me cause im getting to high dc %… that’s bullcrap ;(

tell me about it. I guess just listen to them here. . . . use the magic cable lolz. I’m gonna go play some SFIV . . .

Rule of thumb here for online games folks: Never play on a wireless connection. Wireless will always be worse than hardwired. Playing over a wireless connection you are just adding lag and latency to your game.