SF4 - Disconnect when Tabbing

So this is basically it. After a round finishes, I tab, I get disc, be it whatever score it is. If I tab on the character selection screen, I disc

Pretty much everytime after both me and opponent hit ready and I tab, I disc.

Is this a common issue or is it just me? If the second one, any ideas on how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Why do you have to tab? I don’t understand.

Respond to I.M.s and such?

at least 95% of the time I have SF4 up I’m waiting for someone to join my room and I’m reading forums on my second monitor.

try playing with your video settings.

That could be his very problem, that hes running web browsers, IM clients and other bullshit in the background while his PC can’t handle it. SF IV is a very demanding game, should try to close all background programs and processes if your PC can’t handle it.

It’s a new pc, I have it for like 2 weeks now. When I played in my old one it didn’t happen that’s why I’m asking.

I think I have the same video settings than I had previously. Framerate fixed, vsync on, Antialiasing none, etc… Dunno why this happens :expressionless: Or do you mean my monitor video settings, not
the game ones?

Yes I’m aware that I DON’T have to tab, but the slow mo between the K.O. and the start of the next round is soooo long that sometimes I like to take a peak if someone msgd me or whatever. I usually close web browsers though.

Try turning off v-sync as its not needed.