SF4 Display Differences

The title may seem confusing but I wasn’t quite sure how to word it. Basically, whenever I play SF4, the character art seems much to take up most of the screen, [media=youtube]CQ4MQ2zYOmA&playnext=1&videos=DTU_MUhr9gU&feature=sub"]like this. Whereas with many tournament videos the art seems much smaller in comparison to the rest of the screen, [URL=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL5zHvSacxU&playnext=1&videos=K0HhTWrAWB4&feature=grec_index”[/media]

This then carries on into the match. When I play, the fighters are quite large, and the guages are very close to the edge of the screen, but in tournament videos the fighters appear much smaller, much more akin to ST. I like the way this looks, but I’ve never found an option to change this.

Is there an option? Am I just just not looking in the right place? Thanks in advance, and sorry if this isn’t in the right place, seems the most appropriate.

The videos look different because they were recorded with different resolutions. The tournament video has the dimensions scaled down to fit onto a “classic” 4:3 resolution.

You can’t change video settings within the game itself. SF4 was designed for HD resolution (720). If you play on an HD setup you can try to set your console to display on a standard definition (320). You might also have to make some settings on your TV to display at 4:3.

In wide screen mode you still have the same playable space it just crops the top and the bottom. I’m pretty sure HDR does the same thing. Notice you see a lot more of the ground and the sky in the 4:3 version.

Also you can move the meters and life bars anywhere you wish. You can put life on the bottom and super on the top if you so choose.

I forgot about this. You can alter these settings by going to Options -> Screen Settings -> HUD Position.

one quick question: In xbox I read the game has a natural resolution of 1080p . Is this confirmed? or in both consoles the game has no upscaling at 720p?

Back of the box reads 720p/1080i/1080p so I guess it must do 1080p.

They actually lie on the back of 360 games.

The 360 upconverts games to 1080p which means it technically IS outputting 1080p However, the game is not native 1080p. Don’t ask me how they get away with this.

Most PS3 games are the same native resolution as 360 games but, the PS3 doesn’t upconvert them. It just displays them at their native resolution.

When taking this in to account it’s odd that the PS3 version lags more than the 360 version.

I’m confused:

is it gonna lag more with the xbox @ 720p and the game at 720p on a tv with 1080 resolution or
is it gonna lag more with the xbox @1080p and the game at 1080p on this tv at 1080p ?

I’m pretty sure someone has asked this before but I really suck at using the search button (it always sends to me 0 responses) Can anyone lead me to a thread where this has been discused?

It all depends on the quality of the scaler being used whether it be the tv, the xbox a reciver, a stand alone scaler or whatever.

Somewhere along the line something is being scaled. It’s possible to scale with no to minimal lag. Scaling does not always guarantee lag.

Generally speaking unless you have a laggy TV I wouldn’t worry about it.

PS3 and 360 are different though.

Kelter Skelter is right about 360s upscaling to 1080p, its not actual 1080p. 360s are generally 2-3 frames less laggy than PS3 with the vast majority of HDTVs today. (Thats not me being some sort of fanboy, there are tons of videos out now showing this fact.) And also to the question at the top, I prefer to go to Options - Screen Configuration - Arcade Mode. What that does is puts ur life meters and EX meters more to the outside of the screen and gives u a bit more room to see your characters fight, its supposed to be the way that SFIV arcade units are set up.