SF4: does Championship Mode quality vary based on time of day?

I mostly play in the wee hours of the morning, usually from 2AM eastern to a few hours after that. I suck, but I’m able to win a G2 championship or two per hour. When I play during the day I tend to get reamed, and I’m lucky if I get past the first match.

Do you find the quality of play in championship mode worse at night than it is during the day, i.e. am I just a scrub beating up on people who are half asleep while I’m wide awake?

I noticed this too. I see more quality players during the day, usually. I suspect that since there are more activities that one could be doing during the day, that the people playing SF4 are more “hardcore” players since they choose to do that instead of something else. At night, especially during the week, there are more limited activities so you get more casual players that play “just for something to do”. Granted, this is just my speculation, but I think it has some merit.

I was thinking it was the other way around. When I play from 1pm to about 6pm eastern time I find the competition easier. When I play from midnight on I find it to be more difficult. Could be I’m mostly sober from 1 to 6 and not so much so from midnight onwards.

On sunday morning I’m usually able to rip through G2 players like red headed step children. I guess all the good players are in church.

i get my best competition (and worse) in the afternoon

Ditto, though i’ll admit my habits usually have me playing after midnight on weekdays and during the afternoon on weekends(Friday/Saturday). If ever there was a “prime time” for online gaming, i imagine it’d be Friday and Saturday afternoon/evening, when there are probably two or three casual gamers for every serious one on.

generally speaking, afternoon to midnight would be when competition is at its peak (EST time zone anyway)

I would say so.

Is there a reason why you’re bringing up old as fuck threads only to post 5 words in each of them?