SF4 - Does playing SF4 effect anyone's eye vision?

I’ve been playing SF4 since it came out. Sometimes hours a day. But lately, even if I play for 10 minutes, if I take my eyes off the screen my vision is really blurry. Often I have to focus really hard to look at something.

My vision obviously goes back to normal after a while but I want to know if this happens to anyone else. Is this normal? Most likely Im going to schedule and appt but should I go to the eye doctor?

This is very, very obvious, and that is why- not wanting to be blunt- nobody has answered it. You have been sitting much, much too close and have been playing for too long. Take a break, stretch, go outside, and take naps. Call me in a week.
No hard feelings.

I posted a reply earlier but I guess it didn’t go through.

Believe me when I say I do put the conrtoller down after a game session. Usually put the most 2 hours. I get exercise and pretty active for your avg gamer. The thing is this the only game that gets my vision all blurry. Just 5 minutes of play and if i , let’s say look at my cell phone, I can’t see crap. Maybe I’m too focused or something.

I just want to make sure this isn’t making me blind in the long run but I guess its time to go to the eye doc

Games like DDR and other games with patterns usually make my vision blurry. With SF4 though it doesn’t happen unless I play for an hour without taking my eyes off the screen. Everyone is different though but I’d probably go to the eye doctor just to check.

It’s definitely not the game.

Do you play other fighting games? It could be the way you watch it because it’s a fighting game. You might focus harder or blink less because of the type of game it is.

I can play all day and it’s not until I’m falling asleep playing do my eyes go blurry.

If your eyes get blurry or start to ache they’ve been focused on one point for far too long. It happens to me after about 40mins of Tetris. The quick fix is closing your eyes and rolling them around for a bit, and maybe focusing on things at different distances. If it persists, call it a day. Nothing about gaming is worth your health.

Video games where you’re glaring at the screen for a long time will screw with your eyesight you know XD It’s pretty common knowledge I thought.

You also might be sitting too close to your TV, or too far. Both of those will mess with your eye socket muscles where your eyes are getting strained.
Another thing that people dont think of is the refresh rate of their monitors/games. A refresh rate too low makes it hard for your brain and eyes to interpret the image you’re seeing and usually ends in a headache but blurry vision is common as well.

What kind of a TV are you playing on? If it’s a crappy old TV, it might be straining your eyes.

Also don’t play in the dark.

And if you normally wear glasses, I’m going to be a hypocrite here and say ‘Wear them’. Because you really should (not that I ever do and my eyesight is getting worse).

any TV will strain your eyes over long periods of time, don’t sit up close to the screen, play in a well-lit room. Keep these in mind and you won’t screw up your vision in the later years.

My vision gets all blurry from playing on the DS. I think im to damn focused on it.