SF4 El Monte Play N Trade Results

Street Fighter IV El Monte Play N Trade Results:

Sorry for the Delay but here are the results.

Top 6:

1st Place - DJ Vest (Blanka, Rufus)
2nd Place - Alvaro Escobedo (Ryu With Pad)
3rd Place - Wicked Element (Zangief)
4th Place - Cameron (Blanka)
5th Place - Marciano Rivero (Balrog)
6th Place - Calvin (unABEL) (Abel)

Not Entirely sure if fifth was running balrog, if im wrong please post, will fix.

Good shit DJ Vest, and calvin lol

Man wish I knew about it
Would have won

Hi vest :slight_smile:

Calvin - “Who The Fuck Electrics Three Times in a Row!?!!?”

Sorry Buddy…

maybe next time ??

Good shit Mr Vest.

i represented AI and my dear homies… that includes you sanchez :):bgrin: