SF4 evo brackets going to get updated?


Are the official evo SF4 brackets going to get updated? … ever?

I just want to make a precise top109(amount of players in semi-finals) for myself and check what players got knocked out when, but they still haven’t updated them :confused:



Are there any bracket photos online or other brackets than the official evo ones? Can’t believe they haven’t filled them up yet :confused:


Still looking for complete (what this was supposed to be) brackets…


Any word on brackets yet?


Not that I know of… still waiting…


guys, be patient, all in due time


QQ still waiting…

P.S. any news on this if they’re going to update that at all?


The thing about Evo is that you’re going to get 99% awesomeness and 1% total suck. The 1% total suck this year is that paper brackets are, shall we say, “lost” before they could be fully transcribed online.

I’m not happy about it. You’re not happy about it. But there it is.



Bad news.


Any way we can attempt to gradually update it? Better than nothing, imo. If not, it’s understandable as well.


That’s a good idea. Let me hit up Ponder.


I’m sure the semis are somewhat doable. I wouldn’t count on all pools though o.O


Ah ok thanks for the official word on this.

I’m refreshing those brackets 3 times a day so thanks guys let’s see them fill up :smokin:


How’s it going with brackets? :shy:


Yo, you really need to stop spamming this shit. It’ll get done when it gets done.


I know Guilty Gear got their brackets. It’s hard to imagine there is a box labeled ‘Evo Brackets’ lost in transit somewhere.


I understand that nobody knows when the brackets will be finished, just asking how’s it going with collecting the data so far. It’s not like I’m posting every single day… :xeye:


I know that the 24 pool brackets don’t matter but why were they taken down if they were all fully filled in already?


I looks like only HDR, MvC2 and Soulcalibur don’t have their brackets yet.