SF4: FADC throw


kinda hurts my pride to post a ‘newbie’ thread but it is a pretty universal question and it seems threads in this forum get good replies pretty quickly. I have a couple of questions about doing an FADC throw

  1. Why does it seem like no one is able to tech this? It happens so often shouldn’t it be expected? It’s not like they have to worry about a followup SRK or low short into a combo because a delayed crouch tech covers both those options AND the throw, but it seems like the throw is for free whenever I or anyone else is playing a shoto.

  2. Is it worth 2 bars to combo the FA and do a throw? For example, if I am playing M. Bison (dic) and I land an FA or crossup, I usually do cr.LP, LP, cr.MK, Special. Watching a friend of mine do something similar with blanka, I found if I land HK scissors I can cancel into level 1 FA which combos, dash in, and throw. I know Bison has some good EX moves, but the extra 130 damage AND an untechable knockdown seems like a good idea. Thoughts?


I see it teched a lot so I don’t know.

There is no definitive answer to whether it’s worth it since it’s situational. If you think it will get teched tho, it’s probably not worth it


like anything else its useable to a certain point… pretty much only when people arent expecting it…

in dp fadc circumstances i think alot of people are just scared of the dp after the focus…

cause even alot of people that crouch tech will “naturally” want to tech standing after a dp fadc… most people that crouch tech that are just beginning to abuse it, only do them after blocked jumpins and wakeups… in thsoe situations you have forever and a day to know that you are going to crouch tech and thus set your mind to it… in situations that take a mofo by surprise, such as a blocked fadc from out of the blue, i think people might revert back to there old habit of standing tech… its just a theory.

me personally i’d much rather eat the throw after a dp fadc than get hit by some high damage bs afterwards…

and finally people probably just arent reacting fast enough to the extreme change in conditions as far as what they were expecting… for that reason i like to fadc from blocked normals into throws or low shorts… its a trick… i have to totally catch my opponent asleep for it to work.
or just generally be out playing the shit out of them…



I want to tech it but I’m not confident in my crouch techs and don’t want to recieve 540 damage for trying to defend myself.