SF4 @ Family Arcade (LACC)

2 cabinets side to side
4 quarters (no tokens)
20 win cap

sticks are bat top but smaller


pics or it hasnt happened

but it would be sweet if they have it there

hmm i need to go back down there and try it out if that’s the case, i heard something about them getting it.

My friend told me something about them getting it too… so I guess there may be some validity? Guess this will save me some gasoline.

Went there for lunch. The set up is pretty clean. My only gripe is that you have to sit on plastic crates. Parking kinda sucks though. A couple years ago I parked on the side streets there and someone broke into my car for a jacket I left in the back seat. So just be careful about what you leave in plain site. Probably head out after work today if anyone wants any comp.

Oh yes, finally SF4 in walking distance.

Now I can play as often as everyone else.

Time to RUN this arcade like I used to in the past and be there like every night.

I played on the cabinet today, not bad. Its a korean setup.

See whoever shows up.

What time is Family Arcade open until, anyway?

Combofiend - Teach me Abel?

yeah parking is a bitch there, i gotta check this out soon though.

More than likely I’ll be there most nights too. It good seeing players I haven’t seen since 2001.

The place is open til 2:00am everynight. Hope to see all you fools there.

Korean sticks own Jap sticks

What time do you guys usually meet there?

Gonna be there probably 10 or later most nights.

can someone post an address for this place?


Its across the street from Los Angeles City College. Its on the corner of Vermont and Normal. Actually, theres a closer street than Normal but I forgot it.

Sorry bro, I don’t know the address of the top of my head and I’m not going to search for it


anyway it’s

876 north vermont ave
los angeles, CA 90029

Good shit tonight. Combofiend’s Abel ran wild on everyone. I WANT THOSE STRATS!

Oh shit. Damn i’ve completely forgot the place. Well I’m a check it out.

Cool, I’ll see if I can make it.

Any tips for parking here? I got ticketed yesterday! weak!


There actually is parking. It’s in the back of the arcade. I think it’s closed in the day time for whatever reason, but it’s open in the afternoon and night time. That’s where I park. And if there’s parking in the front of the arcade, park there after 6pm so you don’t have to put money in the meters. As a rule of thumb, just read the signs.

Another thing, if you plan to go there in the morning and you can’t find parking, just park at the LACC parking lot. It’s like two bucks for all day (till 10pm). Then just walk up a couple of blocks to the arcade. It’s good exercise. :smiley:

Yo J.R., you really do need to come down. I’m the only dude using Akuma successfully, though sometimes I start fucking around and get my ass kicked. Let me know when you plan to stop by and I’ll roll up. I’ve been there like 4 nights this week. Oh, good ol’ Family Arcade. Feels like the good ol’ days.

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