SF4 Febuary 15th Release and Tournament at GameCrazy

anyone in oregon find out if SF4 is being sold anywhere today???

Nevermind got it at Eastport Plaza yesterday hehhe

Just to let yall know i represented shoryuken & got the $500 Giftcard! First place baby :encore: My first time ever joining a tournament & it was pretty tense despite a weak competition…I was psyching myself to lose but still ended up winning w/ a close gief vs gief finals…

Probably going to go buy bunch of arcade sticks & turn that $500 GC to $1000 cash

congrats man good shit!

YOU CRAZY BASTARD! :rofl: I guess living in Olympia finally paid off. Congrats man.

PS: You should gloat in this thread - http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=177130

It’s about you. How was the comp by the way?

I was just nervous since it was my first competition…I was freaken out on whoever i played especially the first person i played…Dude look like a Dragonball Super Saiyan character & heard videogames is his life…but when it came down to it i dominated everyone except for the gief vs gief final…Which was close match throughout…

I only played in Narrows twice when it first came out…Got the game on Tuesday & played for a little bit…So i wouldn’t say the comp was fierce…Probably a jab strength :rofl:

Man fuck Gamecrazy those idiots told me the shit was switched to the 28th and that the $500 gift card was the grand prize of some kinda of national tourney this tourney was a qualifier for. Was the tourney played on sticks or pads?

They were played on the Madcatz SE sticks…2nd place got to keep one of the SE sticks, 3rd place got SFIV gamepad of their choice, & then there was a raffle for the other SE stick…Also got a bunch of shirts & stuff…

So i went to compete for the Gamestop one, all i can say its fucking ghetto as hell in Lakewood…I won it but not going to bother going next week…

Too bad I can’t go in ur place :frowning: