SF4 Fei Long Foot Flip options

what are some options to use after he does his “flip over your back” move? Some I use are:

Cross up > foot flip > Rekkakan

Flying Kick over projectile > foot flip > ultra.

But now I need some new moves, I’m trying to get better with him and I want to make use of all his moves. Also, is there any reason not to use fierce Rekkakan? Aside from fake outs by doing a Lp>Lp>Hp and he flies forward more with the hard punch rekkakan.

I hope you realize you can’t combo out of the command throw with a straight up Rekka or an Ultra. All you need after the throw is something like s.HP and Rekkas. Keep it simple.

Edit: I take that back, you can use light Rekkas after the command throw… but still, no Ultra.

You CAN use an ultra right after, its blockable but it gets through a lot of peoples defenses.

command throw > (link) standing hp > flame kick > FDAC > light chicken wing should work

Not sure if it’s a good use of meter though

That will pretty much only work against idiots online. It only works if they stick something out. It’s blockable, so no, it doesn’t go through their defenses.

It’s pretty much asking yourself this: Do you want guaranteed damage or do you want to take a really nasty risk that is actually against you and have nearly half of your life gone based on who you’re fighting against?

I felt bored and tested some in training mode.

Command throw > LP rekkas: 148 damage/198 stun
Command throw > FP > FP rekka x3: 250 damage/325 stun
Command throw > FP > EX rekka x3: 266 damage/325 stun
Command throw > FP > HK flame kick: 260 damage/400 stun
Command throw > FP > EX flame kick: 300 damage/400 stun
Command throw > FP > HK flame kick > FDAC > light kick chicken wing: 248 damage/380 stun
Command throw > FP > HK flame kick > FDAC > EX chicken wing: 280 damage/420 stun (if all three hits of the chicken wing land)
Command throw > FP > HK flame kick > FDAC > ultra (hits three times): 400 damage/300 stun

You can also do some variation of crouching jap > standing jap into rekkas after the command throw, but I don’t feel like learning it, heh. I’m pretty sure standing fp does more damage and stun anyway.

Seems like the FP > HK flame kick is your best general followup. Also, the timing on just doing LP rekkas sucks harder than learning the FP link, imo.

Don’t say I never did nothing for ya!

I usually use EX tenshin after a forward throw like so

Forward Throw > f. MK (whiff the overhead right after you recover just for timing and spacing) > EX Tenshin

or I use EX tenshin after doing 2 HP Rekkas, instead of doing the third. It usually only works once.

Look up Fei Long Meaty Tenshin on youtube, and you should find some videos from MyMaaza’s channel. He’s got some good fei long stuff to know like safe jumps, and option selects.


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