SF4 Fight it out.... AGAIN! 5-23-2009

Street Fighter 4 Singles

1: Floe (boxer)
2: Humbag (boxer)
3: I Love Hentai (boxer)
4: J-Money (boxer)
5: Domingo
5: SprigganX
7: Jim Lapointe
7: Marcus Fontana
9: Lyle Carating
9: Brian hamilton
9: Greg washington
9: Dan Ngyuen
13: Mateo
13: Charles Panaras
13: Esoul
13: Meta
17: Giovanni
17: Darknessloo Ceric
17: Elvin Tubillara
17: Douglas Ward
17: Tony Lam
17: Briaden Jadol
25: Amthony TE
25: Capps
25: Emptyshiki
25: Marc Carating
25: Donny More
25: Jane
25: Noah
25: Matt
33: Corey Greene
33: CAJ
33: KS
33: SRX
33: J.R.
33: Marc Ansay
33: Albert T
33: Mr Man
33: C,T,
33: Syxx
33: G2
33: Jason Rice
33: Necrosis
33: Bob washington
49: Josh
49: Webster
49: doctor shanks
49: Jon


1: J-Money
2: G2
3: Miguel
4: Capps
5: Emptyshiki
5: Webster
7: Jonathan
7: Josh
9: Meta
9: Lyoid
9: Humbag
9: Mr Man
13: Juan

Street fighter teams

1: Marc and Floe (Viper and Sagat)
2: Marcus and Craka J (Rose and Bison)
3: Braiden and Tony (Ryu ken)
4: Eric and Domingo (Ryu and Sagat)
5: MrMan and Noah (Bison and Dhalsim)
5: Dan and Empty Shiki
7: Charles and JR ()
7: Marco and Lyle C (Bison Cammy)
9: Shannon and Daunell (Ryu and blanka)
9: 3 wolves howling at the moon T-shirt (Humbag and meta)
9: Team homing cancel (Lloyd and Capps)
9: Team final boss (J-money and Douglas)
13: Miguel and Les (scrubs)
13: Mateo and CT (Ryu Sakura)
13: Dragon lariet (BRain and Jonathan)
13: Jay Isiash (Vega Rose)
17: Blanka and Whoever syxx plays (Josh and Syxx)
17: Clayton and G2 (Chun li and Sagat)
17: Shazad and Sam (Sagat and Bison)
17: Jane chu and Kat yu (Ryu and Viper)
17: SRX and XOMBIE TEAM DRAGONSWEEP #2 (Ryu and akuma)
25: relentless (J-floe cool J)
25: Esoul and SprigganX (Gief akuma)

Street Fighter 3:3rd strike

1: floe
2: marcus
3: bob washington
4: sprigganx
5: humbag
5: domingo
7: frankie g
7: joshua
9: necrossis
9: j-money
9: emptyshiki
9: douglas w
13: anthony t.e
13: jonathan
13: briaden c
13: dan nguyen
17: corey green
17: i love hentai
17: matt avignone
17: meta
17: giovanni r
17: isaiah7
17: webster
17: s-rx
25: don
25: shannon white
25: mr. man
25: jaruis
25: brian hamilton
25: elvin

Marvel vs Capcom

1: dereklearnslow
2: beatsofdevil
3: frankie g
4: emptyshiki
5: douglas w
5: bob washington
7: joshua
7: dan nguyen
9: s-rx


1: emptyshiki
2: joshua
3: necrossis
4: frankie g
5: webster
5: doctor shanks
7: j-money
7: mr. man

KOF 2002UM

1: necrossis
2: syxx
3: joshua
3: jonathan
5: domingo ayala
5: orka
5: webster
5: anthony t.e
9: j-money
9: doctor shanks
10:Dark kakashi

More to come

Had a great time.

Shoutouts later.


auto-win, because the team name is just too powerful.

were they wearing the shirts though?

“9: 3 wolves howling at the moon T-shirt (Humbag and meta)”

Best teamname.

Hands down.

I thought it was pretty good myself. =P

ggs to everyone I played. Had a great time.

Good Shit Ari!

I really wish I could have made it, I hope I can make it to Screenz.

Step it up Spriggan! K-66 wouldn’t be happy. :nono:

Good shit floe, way to rep boxer guys!

Oh man what a surprise Frankie scrubs it up again in TvC.


GGs all, shoutouts later, bedtime…zzzzzz

WTF is with all that Boxer? Goddamn…

Please tell me it’s a joke, lol.

Fight It Out AGAIN was the best tournament I’ve ever been to.

Also, in my last 3 TvC tourneys, I’ve gotten 4th, 3rd, and now 2nd. I think it’s time to finally win one.

Also, I’m joshua/josh/Blanka and whoever syxx uses in all the rankings, I guess.

holy fuck, after the interference of our first match, me & marcus still end up tying in singles. not too shabby. but I still needed like 10 fucking minutes to cool down from “strangle a bitch” mode after corey pauses our fucking game in the 3rd match -_-

doubles was a bit akward, I ended up going with rose that I haven’t really touched in 2 months so marcus could anchor with a more solid bison, and while I did win a few…rose is just…well, rose. I’d sacrifice her ultra/super if only she had a2 shadow super T_T I shoulda just picked rufus for doubles…probably would have won a few more matches that were problematic for rose.

also, very good tournament. had a lot of fun, met a lot of players who I haven’t seen make it out to other stuff before. hope to continue to see you guys in the future!

I really wish I could tell you it was…

Arcana 2 was

  1. Orka (Maori, Fiona)
  2. Syxx (Mei Fang, Akane)
  3. Necrosis (Nazuna)
  4. J-money (Clarice, Dorothy)
  5. Webster (Kamui)
  6. Dr. Shanks (Dorothy)
  7. EmptyShiki (?)

hey had alot of fun at this and had some really good games. and placing 9th isnt too bad. (im brian hamilton) but good games to everyone i played and look forward to playing everyone again. my match with Jim Lapointe was a really good match,

Good shit on getting a TvC tournament going. Congrats to EmptyShiki!

That was pretty fun yesterday.

I’m glad I tied for 9th (Lyle). Balrog’s a wall for me, though.