SF4 Fight it out! Chicago, IL 3-14-2009

Anytime after this and you will be charged a “Late free” or will be written into loser bracket at my discretion!


ANYONE Leaving the venue for any reason MUST inform me or the person taking money at the door.

Failure to report for your match without letting me know will result in a DQ.
We only have this Venue for limited hours and do not want to run over time.

The Dream Match is finally here!

(There ‘will’ be a HDremix tourney as well)

Tournament will be held on the Xbox 360 AND PS3 platform
Check the event out on Facebook as well!

Registration is $15 for a spot in the tournament
The event will be held Saturday March 14, 2009 registration STARTS at 11:00

Held at

Artistic Jeanius
1711 S. Halsted Ave

I_Play_Games inc. (IPG) will host the tournament:

“StreetFighter IV FIGHT IT OUT!!”


1st prize:

***Streetfighter IV special edition game which includes: Special edition game, 65 min anime dvd, special edition action figures and artwork.

*** $200 Dollars Cash

***Streetfighter IV arcade mash pad


***StreetFgither IV XBOX360 six button controller !!!

Runner UP:

*** $100 Dollars CASH


***StreetFgither IV XBOX360 six button controller !!!


11am: Casual play starts
-Registration starts for SF4

12:45pm: Offical registration ends
(You can call ahead to have me hold your spot if you get stuck in traffic) 1-309-444-0145

1pm: Late registration starts (It ends when I finish 1st round)
(If you are late and did not call ahead you will have to pay a late fee)
SF4 Starts

2pm: Sign-ups for side tournies Start

3pm: TvC Side tourney starts
HD Remix Starts

7pm: Tournament is over, we outta here!

TvC Side Tournament
Run by AuhsojSivart

$5 entry
Starts at 3:00pm, registration ends at 2:30pm
Best of three matches
Double elimination
No characters banned.
Playing on my sticks (HORI Wii Sticks), my Wii, and probably my TV
Will be playing on 16:9 mode, but on a 4:3 TV
70/20/10 payout

If I call your name 3 times and you’re not in another tourney match, you’re DQ’d at my discretion.

Artistic Jeanius
1711 S. Halsted Ave

Message me here for RSVP or Questions more details to come!

RSVP in this thread


For a chance at a $45 and $20 Gamestop Gift card register in thread AND send a Email to


ITS I PLAY GAMEZ not with a S

With the following infomation

Email Adress
Fav Game Console
Fav Game

can we play on joystick?

(if I can make it)

Yea all stix and converters allowed…

If anyone has a Ps2/3 -> 360 converter or a 360 stick

Can i borrow it? or use it if you show up?

same day as GS rd3 =(

What the chances of ps3 being there?

aw j money i would love to go, but i’ve already made prior arrangements to something much closer, and i almost finished the minty balrog song

wtf 360. ps3 ftw kthxbai

$15 Bucks!? Are you fuckin Crazy!? Who do you think you have Barrack Obama as a guest speaker!?


great post

welcome to SRK

should change the date =(

No can do,
You can either go to round 3 and try for the Evo spot,


Try and win this, not both… unless you find someway to be in both places @ once?

And this is the only day the Venue can spare.

Shit, I’m in, don’t have to worry bout getting a ps3 stick off of someone.

Hooray for the Xbox. And for the Orange line.

I’ll most likely be there (though 3 Chicago events in 3 weeks is pretty hectic…oh well).

But this says otherwise…

Clarification, please.

Also does the pot have a 70-20-10 payout outside of the 200 and 100 bonus?

Scrimples - That is an old flyer, the lastest flyers and handouts all say $15.sorry for any confusion

Humbag - No, the prizes are set in stone regardless as to how many people show up. Hope that dosent deter you from entering.

Feel free to post any concerns or other questions or PM me.

meh ill be there, ill bring some peeps with

Have your peeps Pre-reg too!

fo sho