SF4 Fight it out! Chicago, IL 3-14-2009

A really great time was had by all! Our 1st event was a smash! we even had Bob washington lol!

Full TvC and HDr results will be up shortly!

SF4 results!
Bracket IMG http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h195/akumazai/Bracket.gif

1: Douglas (Sagat, Bison)
2: Infinite Light (Dhalsim)
3: Theo (Ryu)
4: SprigganX (Akuma)
5: Mario gomez
5: Anthony
7: J-Money
7: Bombchivo
9: Michel
9: Vance
9: Elliot
9: Esoul
13: Roberto
13: Joe tate
13: Brain H
13: Frankie
17: J.R,
17: SR-X
17: DR.Monster
17: Shadie
17: Syxx
17: Da’ Beast
17: MrMan
17: LTK
25: Tim H
25: Bob washington
25: T
25: Jason G
25: AuhsojSivart


  1. Frankie (Karas,Ryu)
  2. J-money (Ipattsuman, Morrigan)


  1. Syxx (Cammy)
  2. Douglas (DeeJay)
  3. J-Money (Gigaton Punch)

GG seeya guys next weekend


I rofl @ SRK’s best, come and fall before the mighty…Douglas? huh? wtf?

lulz. competition was really good, I had some really good casual matches

What had me lmao, was. " THE FEARLESS DEFEAT THE BRAVE!".

My journey through the tournamaent went like this. First round I had to fight Bob Washington. I beat him and I said “Good game.” And he said “That wasn’t a good game all you did was use 2 moves to beat me.” and I was like “I know.” He then challenged me to a 100 dollar money match on a tv that doesn’t lag but I only had 5 at the time.

Then second round i had to fight douglas. I absolutely creamed his sagat so he had to pick bison on me. He beat me two in a row with bison.

Then I absolutely demolilshed the whole entire losers bracket all the way down to sprigganX who had a descent akuma. Then after spriggans I had to fight theo. who poicked sagat agaisnt me who i beat. then he picked bison and beat me. then he picked blanka who’s weak against dhalsim and I won.

The FINALS were me against douglas again. I was in losers so i had to beat hiim 3 out of 5 twice. I beat him the first 3 out of 5 set. and the second set went down to the last game of the last round with him picking sagat in the last game and he timed me out.

The full quote, created by me, is,“The brave defeat the cowerdice, the fearless defeat the brave, and the flawless defeat the fearless.”

Spriggan you fail me! :grrr:

Sigh, I know… don’t remind me!


And who ever said anything negative about Douglas winning…?

Was a joke, from the last screenz tourney.
gotta start putting /sarcasm when i write…

Tourney was fun hada good time, the venue was appealing and everything ran very smoothly. Hope you guys have another tourney soon.:tup:

Btw still find it funny how when I beat Syxx in SF4 everyone was surprised lol.:rofl::rolleyes:

also I need more TVC comp random TVC tourney made me wanna play it again and I haven’t touched that shit in like a month.:wonder:

-EX :cool:

Spriggan, thanks for showing me the ridiculous stupidity of Akuma’s Raging Demon after a blocked Blanka Ball. Oh, but I’d rather not have learned that in the first round of a tournament. GG, though.

Frankie, sorry about leaving so early. My girlfriend was bored and we were hungry.

SRX got a solid 3rd place in TvC. (I Should have beaten him, though)

GG’s to all. Good location choice. Can’t beat a Chicago spot with tons of free parking!

Oh, full TvC?


TvC Round Robin Results:

1st Frankie 4-1
2nd J-Money 4-1
3rd SRX 3-2
4th AuhsojSivart 2-3
5th Xombie 2-3
6th Ayala 0-5

Frankie beat J-Money in the finals for 1st
AuhsojSivart beat Xombie in their match

Lol! no problem, every blanka does it once, gets demoned and stops :).
GGs tho, hope maybe to see you at nickelcity?

lol at some of the comments in here

sooo matches were played on laggy tvs? wack

There was 1 tv running on av cables, but the rest were on HDMI to minamalize lag.
sorry to anyone playing on the laggy tv

Go Syxx!

omg douglas is sooooo bad, he did a nice combo once but they just said he was a scrub. Also I was trying to give him tips on how to beat me in street fighter 2 during grand finals.

GO fu:annoy::annoy: cking Zangief :rofl: Your link combo was off by one frame?? SPD THAT FUCKING SHIT!

Omg I hate Zangief…

In other news, GG’s to everyone. Lol at my “solid 3rd” in TvC. I haven’t played that game in about as long as Frankie, and I don’t even own it. Auhsoj, remember: just because you should’ve doesn’t mean you did, cuz everyone should’ve beaten me. Hell, I’m honestly surprised I beat Frankie, cuz I shouldn’t have, but I made my money back, so I’m happy.

J-Money gonna have to change his name to No-Money :rofl: J/k

Props to Douglas and Light once again. Epic matches at the end. Fucking 'Sim going all over the place.

I’m surprised I got Roberto 1-2 in our games, considering I couldn’t do shit in casuals earlier :rofl: Ah well, next time.

Syxx, nicely done in HDR once again man :tup:


I dunno who that zangief was that took out like half of the people, but all you needed was akuma and spam fireballs :slight_smile: lol.

Akuma is so hard to get a hold of in this game… Why are stages so big… Hope to get you nxt time Spriggan