SF4 Fight pad

I hate playing SF4 with a standard 360 controller. Is the SF4 fight pad allowed at EVO?

Any controller is allowed minus wireless controllers. There’s probably more specifics, but you’re in the clear. Just make sure to provide it yourself.

I was under the assumption that at EVO they play on PS3. If this stays true this year then you would have to provide a wired controller for your own use. The ps3 fight pad however is wireless. I would suggest a converter or stick.

Yeah, like Jessurugi I also believe it’s all on PS3 and no wireless controllers allowed.

Its pretty sad it is on PS3 since a vast majority of us play on Xbox 360…oh well.

Yes, thank you, thank you for trying to turn a thread about SFIV fight pads into a 360 vs PS3 thread. You are awesome, keep up the good work, you are doing an amazing job. Red Ring of Death forever!

I heard theres a good alternative to Fightpads for PS3s in the form of Sega Saturn Controllers (which can be found on ebay). I believe the fightpads were modeled after them

How come wireless controllers cant be used?

Because a match can be interrupted if someone has a ps3 wireless controller and attempts to connect one of the systems.
Also, if the controller runs out of battery the player might have to give up the round or restart the match.

Can the PS3 Fightpads connect via USB as well? If that’s the case, I don’t see why they’d be any different than standard PS3 pads.

The PS3 fight pad uses a wireless dongle if I’m not mistaken which means they can’t be connected through a USB cable.

The Fightpads should be allowed to use imo. They flash if they’re running low on battery and they use a dongle so they can’t interrupt play unless the dongle is still in.

yes whats a 6 button pad you can use?

I have a 360 for the same reason that a Ford will be the next car I get. BUY AMERICAN!

Dualmodding a XBox360 stick with a PS3 Cthulhu takes VERY little novice level soldering. The only things I soldered in my stick mods on the MADCATZ TE and SE sticks is the home button and the switch wiring. There’s seriously no excuse for a tourney player with a XBox native TE/SE stick to not spend a little bread to dualmod their stick.

Try and get the ps 2 saturn pad and the ps 2 to ps 3 converter. They show them in this vid [media=youtube]XDEjmg9xS_8[/media]

You should get a SEGA Saturn USB Pad that connects via wired USB to a PS3 and has a better dpad than the Fightpad. No converters needed. Works flawlessly on a PC too, but doesn’t work on a 360.

just use a ps2 dual shock and converter

How many people use sticks compared to pads at EVO? I always assumed all the “serious” players used sticks, since that’s what I’ve seen 90% of tournament winners use, but EVO is a much bigger tournament… so yeah.

Way more players use arcade sticks at Evo…