SF4 Fighting Stick for other games?



Sorry for the noob question.

Just wanna know if u can use the Fighting stick for other ps3 games, like the upcoming Tekken6, etc.

Makes sence that u can, but just in case.



Couldn’t you ask this in the SF4 stick thread?
Was your mouse pointer repelled from the link?
But to answer your question, it is compatible with other fighters.


Alright sorry about that.

Thanks for ur answer:)


There are no other fighting games besides STREET FIGHTER 4!!!


Obviously the fightstick could be used on other fighting games! Even though it wouldn’t be a total waste, but if you could only play SF4, it wouldn’t be that great of a deal.

Other fighting games that come to mind that would be great for are Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur.

Aside from fighting games, it’ll be aweswome to use on downloadable classic arcade games, mainly the 2D games.


Any controller can be used for any game as long as the buttons are there. You could use a dancemat for street fighter if you wanted to.