SF4 fightpad to Joystick MOD help needed. Wiring source help


Maybe I’ve been asking the wrong questions so I hope these questions are the right ones. I’ve looked over the forums about Modding a Street Fighter 4 Madcatz fightpad and been looking for answers on solder points. One question I would like to know is that I notice that most mods don’t have each pushbutton grounded off pad. How would you ground the buttons? I have a total of 12 buttons to ground so what would be the best approach to grounding multiple buttons off one source? I have 4 white LEDs with a FW supply: 3.3V - 3.6V Max with FW current 25mA to also power. Will I need to use Resistors for the 4 LEDS? * have some 10K-Ohm with a 0.50 watt-5 tolorence if I need to use them. I want to also make the turbo feature possible so I brought some small pushbutton that I plan to drill a 0.5" hole for it. I basically have just about everything thanks for the info here and just need the help with my final stage of the mod. I will post the complete MOD once done. Any help would help. Thanks



You mean daisy chaining the ground? Or you’re looking for another method?


Yes that’s what I’m asking? Is daidy Chaining the best method for grounding all the pushbuttons? Would you have to ground the Start,Back, and turbo button the same way?