SF4 fightstick TE PS3 > PC Help


Hey guys new to sf. Decided i would purchase a stick so i bought the TE stick. I was told 360 and ps3 didnt truly matter on which one to buy because they would both work on pc so since i own a ps3 i decided to buy the ps3 one to play sf4 on pc. Looking on previous posts here im stilll unsure Lol.

Im using an nvidia chipset and everyone claims they dont work with it neither do non universal USBs. i downloaded drivers from motioninjoy finding them not to work but my pc does detect the stick when i plug it in. and attempts to install drivers. But none of the buttons on it work so can anyone help?

If it really is to do with the USB or something i might just vouch out and purchase ssf4 for ps3 instead. Would be real awkuard though.


Interested in knowing about the sf4 fightsticks as well for PC. I was probably going to buy a 360 one from madcatz? Will it work with my computer (macbook running windows xp?).


I dont think it matters now lol i asked some people who confirmed for me it really was the USB ports and directed me to what i need to buy. purchased and should arrive tommorow FYI the xbox 360 version of the TE seems to work on all versions while PS3 will only work on versions running a certain USB cant remember name its on these forums if u search.

Overall though its still cheaper to buy the USBs and PS3 version than to buy the xbox360 due to microsofts hefty licensing fees :slight_smile: so im glad.


via chipset; VT6212L.

that’s the specific usb required on PC to get the PS3 TE’s to work.


PS3 sticks do not seem to work on most nForce boards. Buy a 360 TE stick for pc. They work 100%.


yep thanks for the help. I do have an nforce chipset so hopefully with this via usb, keep forgetting what its called, anyhow should all be good.


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here’s the thing. If you bought a ps3 fight stick and you cant seem to get it working on pc, don’t panic. Xbox sticks use usb 2.0 technology so that’s why they seem to work a little better. Ps3 sticks will still work on your pc you just need to purchase a pci usb card that supports usb 1.1 technology. You can find these cards for about 10 bucks, install that into your pc and you wont have any issues using either stick.


PS3 sticks dont work. u need a xbox stick.


Just posting to verify that you do in fact need a PCI USB card with a VIA chipset in order to make the PS3 TE stick work with PC if you have an nForce chipset on your mobo. I ran into this problem a while back and it was rage inducing until I found the solution in the tech support threads.

I got this one and my PS3 TE works fine: Newegg.com - Rosewill 4+1 VIA USB 2.0 PCI Adapter Model RC-103


I don’t even have a graphics card and I got my friends PS3 TE stick to work perfectly on my windows XP. I use it for MAME but that’s about it. There’s tons of methods to try out but buying extra stuff to make it work on your PC isn’t a must.

Here’s a tutorial on getting any PS3 controller to work on your PC.


Don’t worry, it’s free. xP

Enjoy! xP


It has nothing to do with your graphics card. If your motherboard has an nForce chipset, the USB controller on the mobo will be unable to properly interpret the drivers that the TE auto installs on your hard drive.

I remember seeing that video you linked when I was having my PS3 TE problems, and it did not work. You have to get a compatible PCI USB card or else your TE will not work with your nForce motherboard.


I found a PCI usb card that works perfectly! I live in sweden but if you find this one i can assure you guys it will work with all TE Sticks. I´ve tried it on TE round1 and round 2 also the TE-s stick (Ps3)! Hope it helps!



What about the HORI RAP V3 SA (PS3/PC) stick? I would just get the 360 version, but the PS3 one is more aesthetically pleasing to me.