[SF4] Focus Attacks

I need general info on all the stuff you can do with Focus Attacks. People use them as AA’s but whenever I try it, people will hit me as they start their strings.

What are clever tricks/shenanigans you can do with FAs? I need to utilize them more/better.

Against shotos, if you anticipate a hadoken at the end of their blockstring, you can FA through it.

It’s also good when you’re opponent is also charging their own FA

2nd portion on multi-hit attacks like Guile’s double sweep easy peasy. Just make sure you release your fa or you have a high chance of eatting a FK. Good Luck!

If your opponent blocks a level 2 FA, you can dash forward and start a block string to continue the pressure.

Cool replies guys. Rainscape I especially can add yours to my game.

Im not sure but aren’t a few characters - or 0 advantage after a blocked FA?

EDIT: Checked the shoryuken wiki about it, Zangief and Dhalsim are the only ones with negative. However, a blocked level 1 focus attack has negative frames for almost every character http://www.shoryuken.com/wiki/index.php/Street_fighter_4

AA focus attack can almost always be countered, but if you want to use it some, it’s best to do it as late as possible. Lvl 2 should just finish charging when they land. Don’t start it up right after they jump…start charging it after they start coming down.

Why is that, Dannkk?

I would think that you’d want to start FAing right after they start jumping so I can get to level 2 FA. Is the point to not do it too early or too late so they dont see the FA but so I can atleast get to level 2 and let it out right after the first hit?

When your opponent jumps and sees you’re charging an FA they’ll do the air attack, and then jab afterwards to break your FA. Or they can just Empty jump in and start a two hit attack, or an armor breaker, or hell, anything that people usually do to break an FA. Basically you don’t want to give them time to think and change what they’re doing to counter your counter.

Anti-air focus can be beaten with backdash or using invincible moves on reaction. Its a risk.