SF4 for CvS2 people

Have you been to the SF4 forums? Yes, you have…do you want to go back?

Yeah, exactly. But you know what, barely anyone comes into the CvS2 section anymore…and the people that do come generally know a lot about the game.

…and I will submit that there is a correlation between CvS2 knowledge and just plain ol’ Street Fighter knowledge. Perhaps this thread can be a sanctuary for advanced tips and tactics for those of us who tire of wading through the garbage…

Anyway, let me start off with a tip.
Sagat has DP x FADC High Step Kick, Ultra. I used to always dash behind my opponent during the FADC and could never figure out why…until I realized I kept holding forward on the stick. I need to go to neutral for a few milliseconds before going into the High Step Kick. Now I can do it every time…

what are you talking about? from my experience, cvs2 and sf4 don’t have much in common. sf4 is A LOT slower

Who are you? How did you find this place? Who sent you? Did someone link this thread elsewhere? Do other people (the unwashed masses of the SF4 forums) know about this thread? Well crap, fun while it lasted!

If there’s a new secret location someone plz PM me kthxbai

what i wouldn’t give for cvs2 movement options in sf4

or hell, a decent walk speed

the slow walk speed in sf4 takes out the fun of playing mind games like in cvs2 :frowning:


If they released CvS2 for XBLA I’d stop playing SF4 faster than a woman gets her. <-------

If SF4 had Rugal I’d play it and enjoy it, OH WAIT.

I’m the worst cvs2 player, sf4 has crushed all my cvs2 skills and knowledge.

I miss cvs2
I miss dynamic fights that are actually exciting

CvS2 dead? no.

If they’d just make the xbox vers. of CvsSNK2 backwards compatible I’d be happy

Yeah seriously… :sad:

Yesterday, I tried to do EX SBK for anti air in CvS2.

…Fuck SF4 =/

lol i feel your pain man, I roll when I’m trying to grab, and I try to ultra when i trade dps wit sagat, so fustrating. i really miss cvs2 tourneys, i need to move to japan.

damn sony needs to make it possible to play cvs2 on the ps3 and online >.< fucken dirty hookers

hey OP, this thread was initially a good idea…let me know if you find another hiding place.
In the meantime…random claw strat: lvl 1 FA has good range and then cancels into stupid fast forward dash -> throw for sleeping people.

you have no idea how often i stand there in cvs2 trying to focus bait, and wondering what’s going on.

obligatory lol(just kidding bro!)

QFT. I am “new” to the forums but I have been lovin CvS2 for a long time now. Nice to see I’m not the only one! :wgrin:

I just tried SF4 about once or twice and didn’t dig it, but yeah what’s the highlight of that game?