SF4 for CvS2 people

My basics are strong in the game, but I just miss run too much. I found myself trying to RC a Hadoken yesterday while playing a friend.

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Im redicovering cvs2 after playing it for 7 years it feels as new as the first day.

im still not a tournament level player, but our Chinatown Arcade here in NYC always has fresh opponents so im ever ready.

People play games other than SF4 and Blaz at CF?

sf4 is fucking fat and slow

cvs2 aint dead yet either


A lot of my CvS2 Knowledge has crossed over to SF4…And I ain’t talkin’ S-Groove or Roll Super…Hahahahaha LUCKY ME…Please I hope people sleep on me at EVO 09. Lol.

You have no idea how sad i was when i found out i cannot Roll xx Ultra with Abel :sad:

Hopefully if mvc2 does well capcom will stop bullshitting and drop cvs2 based on arcade/DC/PS2 code for xbl/psn. For the love of god use ggpo for netcode. CvS2 > SF4 times a trillion.

i use sakura and bison like on cvs2 in sf4. too bad vega’s c. lk to b.f+fp dont work on sf4 :frowning: