Sf4 for the 3ds has spectator mode and mvc3 still doesnt


capcom owns


lmao wow capcom just wow


SSFIV, however, didn’t have 6 characters. Or nearly as fast gameplay.


Good thing that doesn’t matter.


Yea I can’t wait to be able to spectate unplayably laggy online matches. Get on that, Capcom.

Shouldn’t matter, but god knows with MVC3’s network architecture it probably does


yea but mvc3 has 15 new achievements/trophies…


Number of characters doesn’t matter, and both games run at 60 FPS, which means the same number of inputs per unit of time.


Does it? I’m pretty sure MvC3 generates more inputs per unit of time than SSFIV… Unless I’m missing the point of your post entirely…


IIRC it’s one set of inputs per frame, though MvC3 lets you input multiple movement options simultaneously I guess.


You can’t actually spectate online, only offline, I guess it’s still more than what’s in mvc3 though lol


The issue is that MvC3 generates more game state info than SFIV. Even for GGPO this is something of an issue, specifically in 3rd Strike where the game isn’t as well integrated and a bunch of unimportant information gets sent.


yea it does except for the idea that someone could believe that, in the year 2011, programmers literally cannot get that shit running correctly when more complex shit has had exponentially nicer netcode for well over a decade is unbelievable


i went on crapcom-unity forums the other day and was reading a netcode thread and some guy was adamantly defending his claim that he played with people all the way in japan and experienced no lag and no input delay


thats mind games.

Capcom, you da fuckin best. Whats next, MvC3 3ds with spectator, rollback netcode, and strider?


If you really want to watch shitty matches online then you’re garbage.


3DS SF4 is at 30 FPS


Has this thread learned any useful about MvC3?