SF4 Frame Data Question (I think)


Ok Ok so I got an easily answered question (hopefully)…

I’m working with ken masters in training mode and i have a question. Ken’s cr.lp is +2 on block and his cr.hp has a 5 frame start up. If I got my cr.hp out on my first active frame after the cr.lp recovery, it’s my understanding that there would be 3 frames of startup on the cr.hp and the first active frame of the cr.hp would be on the 4th frame.

Now, if I was trying to use this as a block string what would be the outcome if my rival was either mashing out a throw, or a 3 frame crouching attack?

If my thinking is right both my cr.hp and their attack/jab would come out on the same frame.

If I have this all wrong please let me know, but if I’m right I was wondering if my cr.hp would beat their grab or trade/beat their attack?

Hopefully that all makes sense, haha


If cr.hp has 5-frames startup and cr.lp is +2 on block, then there’s a 3-frame gap where your opponent isn’t in blockstun. Not sure where you’re getting 4 frames from. A 3-frame attack would trade … pretty sure a throw would win, too.

In short…

Don’t do that. Most of SF4’s “blockstrings” aren’t airtight, but you can still do better than a 3-frame gap. Read up in the Ken forums, see if he has real blockstrings.


First off you’re using the terms a little strangely. Its ok though. Just keep in mind, active frames are the number of frames a move can hit the opponent in. For example, most normal moves have 2 active frames. You have a 2 frame window to hit them with the move or it whiffs. Lariat, however, has a LARGE number of active frames. I hope you get what I mean.

Startup is always the same. So even if you were at +2 in terms of frame advantage, the cr. HP would not have less startup. It still has 5 frame startup, but there is a 3 frame window in which the opponent is not in blockstun. That’s what you’re talking about.

Anyway, I believe if the opponent were mashing on throw, they would get beat. If they mashed out a three frame normal, you would trade and be able to combo them afterward (because the hitstun on cr. HP is really long but you are hit out of the recovery because of the trade).

So you are right. However, you can’t create a 50/50 guessing game this way after the cr.LP (between throw and cr. HP) if that’s what you were thinking, because of delayed crouch tech. If you want to read about that, i wrote a blog post on it.


think of it as you recovering 2 frames faster and therefore have press the button 2 frames earlier than your opponent. assuming of course that you both do your moves right when you recover. in this case your cr. hp will beat the throw cause attack>throw if they collide on the same frame while it’ll trade w/ a 3 frame move. assuming of course you’re both close to each other.


I realized I was using the terms loosely, but I couldn’t think of the right ones to use lol. Thanks for the answers thought, really appreciated.


Keep in mind they can also mash out a reversal with invincibility. If they’re out of stun for even 1 frame you can get hit by that.