SF4, GGAC, etc Lancaster socal tourney and casuals search

My friend and I rent out this house and have always been serious competitors at fighting games since early days of GGXX. Since we want to come back and with the arrival of SF4 we are looking to get deeper back into fighting games and are willing to host our events at our house, tournaments and casuals. I know it’s a little last minute but we want to host something this weekend (02/28/09) for casuals or a tournament (would probably be a small one if it ever came to that). But in the next advancing weeks we will be planning to host more and more casuals. Pretty much we are calling out all opponents in search of challenges in most games such as GGAC, SF4, TvC, 3s, and so on. Feel free to post and let us know if you are willing to participate in our up and coming hostings.

You play TvC? Sweet. So few people in SoCal play TvC, so I’m pleased to hear that.

I and a friend of mine play TvC here in Santa Clarita and we’ve been wondering where other TvC players have been. If you do have something planned, just let us me know here, and we can probably come down for it. BTW, I can also record match vids. We also play SFIV and GGAC (I don’t really play GGAC all that much, but SFIV is something I’ve been getting into), though I consider TvC to be my best game at the moment.

I plan to host something this weekend. Like I said a tourney might not happen but I’ll be damned if I don’t try. The weekend after I’m hosting something for sure. Perhaps a triathalon tournament of some sort. If you want the info feel free to PM me. You can come on down nearly any weekened and if you want you are free to spend a night here saturday and leave sunday.


So I have decided that next weekend there will be a SF4 tournament next weekend March 7th on Saturday. Sign ups begin now, locations are in Lancaster/Palmdale, Ca. I will post the address in a bit. We’ll probably do a tournament triathalon but it’s looking to be a SF4 tournament. All challengers welcome.