SF4 ggCircuit Tournament in VA March 15th

Join Gamepad as it co-hosts the first ggCircuit Street Fighter 4 Tournament!

Who: Gamepad in Fredericksburg, VA will be hosting local fighters to compete for a share of the $300 GUARANTEED prize pool.
What: Double elimination, local and online bracket organized by ggCircuit and participating LAN centers.
When: Sunday, March 15, 2009. Qualifying bracket starts at 2pm, Championship bracket starts at 6pm.
Where: Gamepad, Spotsylvania Towne Centre (Mall), 3102 Plank Rd. Unit 390, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Why: Honor, Prestige, Respect, $300 prize pool for top 3.
How: Bring your $15 entry fee and your skills, but leave Seth and any non-microsoft 360 controller at home (banned this time).

Gamepad is the area’s premiere video gaming arena, and is known for holding professional quality tournaments.
Gamepad also has plenty of snacks and drinks for sale, as well as being in a mall with many food options.

More info:
Gamepad website: www.GamepadVA.com
ggCircuit website: www.ggcircuit.com
Feel free to post any other questions here. Also let us know if you plan to come, and we will post a roster, or just register (DO NOT PAY) on ggCircuit.com.

WE will see YOU there! [/FONT]

So Seth and arcade sticks are banned?

Cool won’t see me there have fun at your scrub tourney.

lol scrubby.

why exactly are seth and sticks banned, if you don’t mind justifying your (obviously faulty) logic?

The championship bracket is online between locations, and ggCircuit has determined the rules.

If you want to play with real sticks, then come to our local regional SF4 tournament the last Saturday in March. Arcade sticks WILL be legal, since all hardware can be checked. Cash prizes will also be potentially larger, since it is not a fixed prize pool. Look for the posting soon.

I have a microsoft 360 stick, made by microsoft, is that legal?

The last saturday in march already has another tournament on it.

Seth is banned because ggCircuit was not confident that all participating centers, (Gamepad excluded) could have enough profiles with Seth to allow him. As for the sticks, again, ggCircuit was not confident that all participating centers could police the hardware, and since this is the first ggCircuit SF4 tourney, they were looking to appeal to more, rather than better players. Usually, ggCircuit will have open tourneys which qualify for the semi-pro tourneys, etc. In my experience, there are few players who can beat better players using MS controllers, usually the best player wins, and then complains about how much better they would have been with their sticks.

Poor reason. Be more professional.

Another poor reason. If a player brings his own stick, its his responsibility to police it. Let him use it.

Why is your experience relevant? Who are you? How many tournies have you run, and how many of them actually were attended by anyone who even uses an arcade stick? You know most of those people are on this site and you’re new here, so that bit of information seems useless to me.

At the bottom of the ggCircuit rules for SF4, it requires that only wired 360 controllers (default, not that MS arcade stick aberration, either) be used.

In the local bracket before the finals, Gamepad will allow other controllers to be used by players, only if both players have brought their own, and agree to use them before the match. But you still have to play with the Wired MS controller in the finals, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

And which tournament are you referring to?

Not sure if he’s referring to this one but sunday march 15th is the last day of Final Round.

[quote=“skisonic, post:7, topic:58804”]

Poor reason. Be more professional.

Again, we did not set the rules for this tournament, post your complaints to ggCircuit.com.

I should have been more clear, by “police” I mean ensure that their players are not using modded controllers or turbo settings.

My experience my not be relevant to you. That is OK with me.
I AM new to this forum, thank you for the welcome.
I have hosted exactly 1 previous SF4 tournament where arcade sticks were allowed, and most people who would have liked to use them were still waiting for Gamestop to get their pre-order in, or were playing with worn-out 360 Hori sticks.
I am the owner of Gamepad, a LAN center in Fredericksburg, VA, and have hosted dozens of tournaments, although only a few have been for 1v1 fighting games, excluding Smash Bros.

I take it from your tone, that you will not be attending?

Ease up guys you’re just shooting the messenger :rofl:

Hopefully you learn from this and can run things in a more acceptable manner next go round. Good luck.

So you’ve run PC tourneys at your LAN center right?

Suppose you had a COunterstrike: Source 1.6 tourney or something (I think that’s what’s its called anyway)

What if you said that in the rules that they had to use 360 pads? Wouldn’t they be upset that they couldn’t use mouse and keyboard? Wouldn’t they be upset and complain and not go to your tournament?

What if you told Smash players that they couldn’t use Gamecube controllers (this happened in the Gamestop tourney)? They would and did raise a shitstorm.

It really makes me upset that the attitude that arcade sticks are somehow “unfair” when that’s what the game is designed to play on. SF2 was an arcade first release you know, as was SF4.

It’s really not that make a hassle to allow arcade sticks and for those that don’t have them, provide the store’s controllers.

This should be a non issue.

Woah! Hold on guys, I don’t know where you get the idea that I am against arcade sticks!? As I said earlier, Gamepad will be holding a tournament where arcade sticks/fight pads/mice&keyboards WILL all be allowed. (As long as there is no button labeled “Win”:rofl:) The only reason that this tournament does not allow them, is because the ggCircuit “rulemakers” said so. As I remember, the Gamestop tournament did not allow sticks either, and plenty of “scrubs” showed up to play.

Bottom line: If you must use an arcade stick, DO NOT come to the ggCircuit tournament, come to our open tournament on the 29th.

PS. Welcome back, and thank you for your service.

I was thinking the same thing.

dont worry about the haters, theres always a couple… i might show up just to collect some free money if i get someone to come with me

Just got back from this tournament.

First I want to personally thank the staff of GamePad for their hospitality throughout the tournament. You guys were great, and made it a great experience.

Second, I really wish more people showed up. I know it was last minute, but sticks were allowed locally. The online portion (top 2 from the store played online) was SUPPOSED to be pad only, but i think they changed that to stick as well. This was COMPLETELY outside of gamepads control, and frankly was huge mixup.

Third, the setup was great. All HD tvs, nice seats, they even threw in STHD for us to play on for a bit, they have a MvC2 cab (could use new sticks). They worked with us to use our own controllers, etc.

Fourth, brackets were ran nicely. Since the owner didnt know really how to seed us since he doesnt know us, he watched casuals for about an hour - 1.5 hours, even held a little round robin action. Tourney IN STORE ran smooth, 4 setups, computer brackets, etc.

the only bad part came when the online matches began. Terrible lag between stores and the other stores werent organized at all. This wasnt GamePad’s fault at all, he had no control over that situation but hopefully in the future its kept to the STORE ONLY.

GG’s to Eric (guy who got second at Gamestop round 3). He took first overall (knocked me out of winners from the store tourney in a really good match which came down to the very last round and pixel of life, we were so exhausted we just didnt play the 2nd set). I finished up 4th overall (fuck vega, just walk forward).

Overall, i think people should definitely check it out. Ill be going back if my schedule and tourney schedule permits. and of course no online bullshit. Comp wasnt the best around, but it was definitely a fun time with people who enjoy the game.

Gonna follow Shawn’s lead on this and say that Gamepad is legit, in this instance they were just working with some crappy rules based on the circuit they fell below. It really didn’t mean shit at the end, because apparently they changed the rules in the middle of the finals and said their folks could use arcade sticks and I still ended up playing on pad. I tried playing a casuals match on my HRAP EX and not only was it like falling off of a bike, it was like falling off by being thrown forward 100 miles an hour into a brick wall.

Shawn and I were accused of using arcade sticks and there was a huge cluster at the end of it regarding finding out what the hell was going on with players dropping during online tournament matches. However, like he said, the store is legit and has a great staff. It’d be a hell of a place to push in order to establish a scene here in Fredericksburg. They were extremely professional (well, as professional as you can expect from folks who run a gaming business) and though I won’t be in the area for much longer, I’d definitely come back to any other tournaments that Gamepad runs. Of course, barring anything gg Circuit involvement, because those organizers were garbage.

Great games, Shawn. I didn’t think I’d edge out that win, but your Balrog was fun to play, and I’m just pissed that that Vega player won in those crappy, laggy conditions.

Results Posted

To all who made it, thank you.

To all who didn’t, you missed a good time, controllers and all.

Results are posted HERE.