SF4 ggCircuit Tournament in VA March 15th


Here are the results from the local bracket:

1: Corrosion Advanced to Finals Bracket
2: Slogan Advanced to Finals Bracket
3: Blue
4: J.Skill
5: Mantauk
5: Brian
7: Ben Nicky
7: Shen Long
9: Number One
9: Matt
9: RenSal
9: Yoho

See the final bracket HEREat ggCircuit.com

Congratulation to Corrosion on taking 1st and $200 in the finals, and for being such a professional when dealing with dropped matches and playing controller throughout.

The ggCircuit finals were streamed live briefly, and I’ll post a link to the replays ASAP.

Tough bracket for Slogan’s Balrog, facing a legit Vega and taking 4th, but arguable better than the 3rd… though they never played.

Epic local matches between Corrosion and Slogan, forcing Corrosion to fight back from the losers bracket. Slogan, your Balrog is dangerous, and with a controller!

Blue, you almost had the upset that would have completely turned our bracket upside down, great semi-final against Corrosion.

The rest:
Enjoyed the Father/Son Duo (Keep an eye on that kid, he’ll be threatening).
Brian - proud to have you at Gamepad with your son, and to have lost to you. GPE good wins - xp.
JSkill - nice comeback to beat Brian from last tourney.
Mantauk - Glad you made it - hope you’ll be back soon to practice with us.
Number One- Thanks for the intense first round, truly taught me a lesson, again, and again, and again.
Yoho - Glad to have you as always, hope we can skrim some more.

Don’t miss the main event at Gamepad’s SF4 4 All Open Tournament.
Check out the thread HERE.


Damn, I didn’t even know about this one.


pasted from the other thread

First I want to personally thank the staff of GamePad for their hospitality throughout the tournament. You guys were great, and made it a great experience.

Second, I really wish more people showed up (to those who wanted to use sticks). I know it was last minute, but sticks were allowed locally. The online portion (top 2 from the store played online) was SUPPOSED to be pad only, but i think they changed that to stick as well. This was COMPLETELY outside of gamepads control, and frankly was huge mixup.

Third, the setup was great. All HD tvs, nice seats, they even threw in STHD for us to play on for a bit, they have a MvC2 cab (could use new sticks). They worked with us to use our own controllers, etc.

Fourth, brackets were ran nicely. Since the owner didnt know really how to seed us since he doesnt know us, he watched casuals for about an hour - 1.5 hours, even held a little round robin action. Tourney IN STORE ran smooth, 4 setups, computer brackets, etc.

the only bad part came when the online matches began. Terrible lag between stores and the other stores werent organized at all. This wasnt GamePad’s fault at all, he had no control over that situation but hopefully in the future its kept to the STORE ONLY.

GG’s to Eric (guy who got second at Gamestop round 3). He took first overall (knocked me out of winners from the store tourney in a really good match which came down to the very last round and pixel of life, we were so exhausted we just didnt play the 2nd set). I finished up 4th overall (fuck vega, just walk forward).

Overall, i think people should definitely check it out. Ill be going back if my schedule and tourney schedule permits. and of course no online bullshit. Comp wasnt the best around, but it was definitely a fun time with people who enjoy the game.

edit: mags, i actually was going to call you this morning when i was going. i called a few people, i dont have your number though :{


I’m so bummed that I was not able to make this tournament!
Why must I sleep in the middle of the day…

Anyways, I’m excited for the next tourney!


seriously, that slogan guy is such a ***


yea the tourney went smooth and slogan you got a beast balrog knocked me in to the losers but good times anyway and gg blue nice ryu this is J.skill by the way going to try and make it to the next one


Awww man, a tourney in VA!!! i woulda went to this as well but didn’t know…:sad:


If I didn’t know any better, I would think you were phrostbyte tryna increase his chances of winning.



hahahaha im not that gay…

i woke up and just decided to go after running some errands… it was either that or study. It was posted in the tourney thread :smiley:


there is no wrong way… stick to sagat

edit: yes homo


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I was third place, I guess my Sakura wasn’t all that bad since I made it there, what sucked was the fact that I beat the Vega player the first half, got owned by Dictator and got beat in the loser’s bracket by the very Vega I beat earlier. You win some you lose some ^_^. I would also like to play that Balrog player some time, haven’t played a very good one yet. I just couldn’t adapt to that Vega after a while but I’ll figure it out.


i was the balrog guy… you can hit me up on xbl if you want.

and vega is trash… i lost because i just wasnt thinking straight, too busy trying to punish when i can just block and EX.


Just walk forward, gorlaB. JUST WALK FORWARD.