SF4/GGPO Ventrilo Community

Hello everyone.

I currently have a 40 slot ventrilo I use with friends online. We have a few people who play on GGPO or SF4 PC (and by few I mean like 4). I want to open up my ventrilo to the people on srk so I can have others to talk about fighting games and find matches online.

This sort of an interest check to see how many people are willing to get on and use the ventrilo.:coffee:

Vent information:
Port: 4967
Feel free to chill in the Fighting Corner Channel

cool. what games do you play on ggpo?

oo this sounds fun, I might pop on and chat. I currently dont own a stick or sf4 but my friend lets me use his steam account which has sf4 and my other friend is going to loan me his stick later today.

I’d be down to get some games in sometime.

EDIT: Lol I logged on for a sec and I think I weirded someone out. Maybe it was you. He was like who the fuck is gray fox? haha.

I have 3s and alpha 3 but I’m bad because I hardly play them since my friends don;t play.

lol probably not me. I’m Kitori on there. probably some of my friends who use that ventrilo wondering who the new people are since we don’t get many new people often.

Edit: If we get a good turn out of people we can start a RanBat between people on ventrilo if everyone is up for it.


yes cool.

I chill on here from time to time. Good people.

si si. get on here peoples!
I’m GaryBusey on there. good place to chat for sure.

I’m glad we got a crowed going now!
Don’t be shy just hop on and say hi.

Also we have a little group of west coast players playing together to up their game so any other west coast players looking for regular casuals and talk about your game feel free to join us. Most of us right now are on PSN or PC.

seems to be a vent pw now >.<

edit: nvm some1 had my username >.>


To the top!

We have a lot of people who are on all the time now. So come and join us.
a lot of ps3/PC GFWL people

lol JJ22 what name were you trying?
if no one on uses it anymore I’ll delete it so you can change to that.

i play 3 srike im virus! on ggpo.

Any jojo’s bizarre adventure players or even LB2? Would be kool to chat it up about both games. More of the first than the latter tho xD

Well, I read JoJo’s if that counts…

up this goes.
we have alot of people on now

yo yo wassup its really funn to play these guys actually! everyone should join up totally rockin

sf4 community

yo yo wassup its really funn to play these guys actually! everyone should join up totally rockin :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock: LMAO its gonna good year!:china:

Im KillaCam In there, currently playing SF4 and AVP On PC… down to play whatever tho’

it’s a good place to find games for PC. everyone is pretty cool and legit.