SF4 Guy: Trials 7


I’ve started working my way through Guy’s Trials and have become stuck on Trial 7. The instructions state that I should perform a Crouching Medium Punch and then a Standing Light Punch. This seems simple enough, but in practice my ability to successfully perform the actions is rather sporadic. After having read through the Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide, I think that this Trial may be a Link, but I’m not sure (is there any indication as to whether I should be attempting to perform a Link versus a Cancel, etc?). Any pointers on how to improve? Also, can something like this be simulated from the Training Stage, or would it need to be trained from the Trials?


usually cancels can be determined somewhat intuitively. target combos like mp-hp and certain light attacks chaining into themselves are cancels. things that just don’t look like they would be natural combos are usually links.

c.mp, s.lp is a link, so you have to press the lp once the previous move is finished animating, including the part when guy pulls his arm back from it. iirc this isn’t that tight of a link so practice alone can be fine. later on, you can read about double tapping or plinking, but i don’t think these are necessary for this combo. anything in the trials can be done in training mode instead.


Thanks Gaijinblaze! I figured out that I needed to set the Training Stage Block Option to Auto Block in order to emulate the Trials Stage. After this, training was much faster.