SF4 @ Hard Knocks - Orlando, FL - 3/29/2009


For those of you who live in the Orlando area (or even those who don’t), Hard Knocks is a local LAN center. One of the managers there is a Street Fighter fanatic, and with the recent release of Street Fighter 4 he pushed for the holding of an SF4 tournament. Being a tournament player myself in the area, I’m helping him organize the rules.

A couple of important notes: if people don’t start registering soon the tournament will probably be canceled well before it’s scheduled to be held (they need to know that enough people are going to show up for them to justify giving out prizes). The incentive is that Hard Knocks is notorious for giving out really good prizes for their tournaments. They want to bring in as many people as they can handle, so call to register if you’re even remotely interested.

Important Info:

Street Fighter 4 (Duh.)

Hard Knocks Orlando
5707 Dot Com Ct.
Suite 1025
Oviedo, FL 32765

Registration Fee & Details:
$15, with potential discount. See links below for details.
Update: As of now, registration for the tournament may be done either in person or over the phone. This is to accommodate for people out of town who may be interested in coming. Yes, they’ve made these decisions a bit late, but there’s still some time left.
From what I understand, the tournament is most likely being capped at 32 spots, so put your names in as soon as you can if you’re interested.

Format & Rules:
The final rule set is as follows:

  • Single elimination.
  • Games set to 3 rounds, 99 seconds.
  • Matches are best 2 out of 3.
  • All characters (including console characters) will be playable. This includes Seth and Gouken.
  • Players are allowed to bring their own controllers.

http://www.hardknocksorlando.com - Main website for Hard Knocks.
http://www.hardknocksorlando.com/abouthk_directions.php - General directions on how to get there. Contains a link to Google Maps on how to get there if you’re coming from out of town.
http://www.hardknocksorlando.com/promotions/sfiv/ - Promotion flyer for their SF4 tournament. Contains basic information regarding entry, prizes, and time of day.

I just unsuccessfully tried to register over the phone. I was told registering can only be done in person. You might want to talk to someone over there about that.

Will do. I’ve been trying to get a hold of the guy running the tournament for the past couple of days, he hasn’t been there. Maybe he’ll take care of it once I let him know that this is up now.

I didn’t know Gouken and Seth are bannable. Crazy!

You can count on me for this tournament and I’ll Let the Jebailey Hype Train begin.

Okay guys, I got an e-mail from the guy running the tournament over there. This is what he said:

“The reason we ask for deposits is so that we know for a fact that people will show up and not just take names and have a tourney that nobody signs up for. In that case we scrub it. So if it is at all possible we need them to pay to hold a spot and if they are scared of not getting in the tourney, there is PLENTY of spots left. I can take a couple of names though to hold spots if they are really concerned so just let me know who.”

Basically, for business reasons they’re not really able to just take names and safely assume you’re going to be there. So if you want to get in on the action, you’ll need to go to HK and sign up for the tournament in person. It’s very close to the UCF campus, so anybody who lives near there or goes by there should be able to do it without inconvenience.

If you want this tournament to happen, be sure to sign up soon.

Good stuff. We’ll try and be there.

I play SF on the PS3; I’ve tried using the Xbox 360 and couldn’t execute one combo (and it’s even worse because I’m not that good). If I can figure out a way to play on the Xbox 360 using a PS3 controller or some kind of universal controller, I’ll show up to this. Anyone have any suggestions?

I’d suggest either getting a fighter pad or a stick.
Xbox controller has to be the most worthless controller ever, can’t play on that thing for crap.

Now that FR is over people will take the time to sign up for this.

So why exactly is Gouken banned?

Clear that issue up with the SF4 community. Seth and Gouken are banned because the community apparently doesn’t agree on whether or not they should be, so they’re being banned until further notice. That’s what I understand, anyway. So this tournament is the same way.

And by the way guys, I have to announce some depressing news. I also need to edit the top post accordingly.

The decision has been made that players are not allowed to bring their own controllers, unless it’s something like your own stock 360 controller that you’re fond of. I tried to talk J.P. out of it, but he made a valid argument and it was unreasonable to convince him otherwise.

The reason that players are not allowed to bring their own controllers is because they’re trying to promote their first SF4 tourney as a kind of neighborhood Orlando tournament. The chances of really good players showing up (apart from any of us) are slim to none, and they don’t want to scare the general public away by allowing top end players to have an unfair advantage by bringing their own arcade sticks. They feel that at least for this first attempt, they want to appeal more to the general population than the big boys, and as such they feel that having only stock 360 controllers permissible is most fair to them.

I warned J.P. that this isn’t going to appeal to you guys, and he understood that. But here’s the deal; if this tournament goes through but the current approach doesn’t prove to be successful, he assured me that future SF4 tournaments would cater more to high-end players and encourage people to bring their own controllers.

Personally, I think his approach means well but might not be so successful, but that’s just me. So yeah, no arcade sticks boys. Sorry.

The thing is that it’s ‘The big Boys’ who will keep coming back to these tournaments. Neighborhood casuals will drop SF4 for the next big game that comes out and will forget all about it.

But whatever. Unless I can use my fighterpad for this tournament, I won’t be showing.

EDIT: Kinda ironic that sticks will be banned at this but the 1st place prize is a stick. lol
Anyway, please talk some sense into this guy, I was excited for this tourney but unless people can use what they normally play with (In my case a fighter pad) I won’t enter.

Count me out. I’m not blowing money to fuck around on a 360 pad. he’s asking us to give deposits but he’s giving us nothing in return.

Just realized I could have met some people from SRK by coming to this tourney. Not anymore :mad:

Yeah well, then their tournament will be a joke. They allowed people to bring their own Game Cube/Wii Classic Controllers for a smash tournament and people of all skills had a great time at it.

If they don’t allow people to bring their own sticks and play a videogame the Way it was meant to be played. Then you can let them know the Jebailey Hype Down Train will make sure all future tournaments are boycotted by anyone that will support me. I was gonna start advertising to people outside of SRK for this tournament, but this ruined it for me just like the Gamestop tourney did. Good luck if you go Casanova, kick some ass on their pads that aren’t even guaranteed to work perfectly.

I was really looking forward to this tournament and making sure we all would enjoy it and make it a great place to play in future tournaments. Such a shame their arrogance had to ruin it with a “money deposit” and not allow us to play with controllers. Just as Adam said, why give a deposit for nothing in return.

Their First attempt at hosting this game or any legit fighting game will be their last attempt especially since the 20-30 people I knew were excited about this no longer have any interest.

Be Sure they read this thread John. No need to argue with them, it’s their rules so let them stick to it and see how badly their Tournaments fail. It’s not just you John, It won’t be successful since none of us will register it and they’ll cancel it anyways. Or they can wisen up and allow people to bring their own controllers and they’ll have 20+ more people coming to their tourney, which in turn is advertising to their place which will create a bigger and better atmosphere for future tournaments that will be even more successful.

I don’t complain about much these days, but this subject always annoys me when management think they’re doing better for their business by ostracizing a certain group of players that make the game so successful. If you allow people to bring their own sticks, the people on pads are still going to play cause their pads are still available, but then you neglect the majority of street fighter players by not letting them play on what’s comfortable to them and then you’re just stuck with the casual crowd that won’t play in another tournament for the same game again.

I was actually thinking about traveling up with some people from Miami for this. But there’s no way anybody’s making the trip over there now to play on pads, that’s pretty ridiculous, and on top of that asking for $15 up front? That makes it completely absurd.

And another thing, half the people that show up to tournaments don’t pre-register and just show up that day, so making people pre-register or they can’t show up just makes it worse for your own turn-out

I would have definitely gone to this before the pad rule. Oh well, guess I gotta find something else to do that sunday

I think I will direct them to this, actually, now that I see how strong the response is. I knew it was going to be upsetting, but even I was surprised at just how much.

Trust me, guys, I’m trying to push for our best interest as much as I possibly can. I told them that you guys would be excited to show up and that there would be plenty of people, but… I don’t know, man. I really want to see you guys all come out, so I’ll do my best to talk them into allowing it.

Personally, I’m still going to go because I’m excited to go to any tournament I can, even if the standards are terrible. But it’s gonna be depressing without you guys. So please keep track of this thread until the tournament date hits, 'cause I’m gonna be fighting the good fight.

I was almost going to settle until I saw how pissed everybody was, and now I don’t think I can let it stand.

You gotta beliieeeeeeeeve!