SF4 @ Hard Knocks - Orlando, FL - 3/29/2009

Results for the Hard Knocks SF4 tourney. The turn-out was actually pretty good; it was a 32 person tournament, and a few decent players showed up. Personally, I knew who was going to win the tournament the moment he walked in the door. And I sincerely hoped he was not going to show up, but oh well. It was all good.

If anybody’s interested in the full results, I’ll get a hold of them soon. In the mean time, here’s the important part:

  1. Trent a.k.a. GimmeThemShoes (Balrog/Zangief)
  2. Casanova (Viper)
  3. StudMuffinJr (Zangief)
  4. Cup (Balrog)

Trent received $140 in cash and the two gift cards offered as prizes for his victory.

GG’s. Since the tournament was single elimination, the the 3rd and 4th place finishers actually tie. So it was:

1: trent
2: cas
3: studmuffin
3: cup

just nit picking.