Sf4 in normal screen looks nicer!

anyone agree? i thought the graphic looks more like 2d , look kinda like third strike graphic when you switch to normal screen instead of wide screen…

im gonna go ahead and disagree, sf4 on 1080 is an eyegasm of visual splendor.

I wouldn’t say it looks better, but it definitely looks better in SD than most HD games do.

yeah, i agree with the original post. i’m running the game on a sanwa pfx crt 4:3 monitor in 480p, it looks really good. i wouldn’t exactly call this game visual splendor on any set up though.

I think the OP is talking about having the game in 4:3, not in SD. Not exactly interchangeable.

But how exactly does aspect ratio affect the appearance of the 3D graphics? This topic confuses me.

SF4 is native widescreen, when run in 4:3 the picture gets compressed and the picture quality is lower. Also navigation menus are almost impossible to navigate unless you’re 2 feet in front of the screen. SF4 was meant to be played in HD widescreen.

Actual 2D fighters like Kof12 and BlazBlue do an excellent job when played in 4:3 SD as proportions and aspect ratios remain true. Also text is clearly legible in SD.

Honestly, I think BlazBlue looks a lot worse in SD, especially when using composite, then it looks terrible.

just go into system setting and change to normal screen mode and youll see, i personally like this setting because the character shrink smaller, its almost the same size as the characters in most 2d games and plus i just dont like those huge characters in wide screen for some reason…