Sf4/injustice player comin to mk

I am a street fighter/injustice/ kof 13 player and i have just now bought mortal kombat komplete edition. I had 3 questions

  1. Is mk komplete edition like the same thing as mk9?

  2. Who is an easy character for me to play as?

  3. How come i cant select the guy in the bottom right corner under raiden?

  1. Yes, it just has all the cool stuff.
  2. Tough to say cause everyone has a different playstyle and I havent played for long. Maybe if u tell me ur playstyle I can give u an idea. Kano, Soneya, Scorpion, Noob, and Kitana are all pretty “easy”
  3. Move to the other side of the screen. Theres an icon on the right and left, one is for player right and one for left. its weird, but its NetherRealm.