SF4 Install to Hard drive (xbox360)


Hi guys,
I wanted to post this in the SF4 section but I didn’t have enough posts, anyway my sf4 360 disc got scratched up (don’t ask why) and sometimes the game runs fine but a lot of times every like 6 or so online matches it’ll say disc cannot be read and make me restart the game. I tried to install the game to the HD but it says cannot read at like 30%. Do you think if i borrowed a friends disc and installed it on mine that I would be able to have the run game flawlessly? Mind you the disc still reads, just sometimes it craps out.


I believe it would work.


How exactly do you get it to install on the hard drive. This is going to sound dumb, but when I got my copy of sfIV it had a black ink blot on the disc. I dont know why but i though that it was part of the game due to the use of inkblot splatters in the art and what not. Well I get that disc read error alot now and it cause of that damn stain. Where is the option go get it installed on Hd. I rent it at blockbuster and do it.


As long as it can read the whole disc this will work, it just needs the disc in the drive to verify you own the game


Go rent a copy or see if your video store will repair damaged discs. Mine will do it for $2 and the result is awesome as long as you don’t have deep scratches.


Put disc in tray. Go to where it says Play Street Fighter IV. Press Y. Choose install to Hard Drive.

Then just use your original disc. Aslong as its in to verify an original copy of the game it should play. You really should have taking the game back though as soon as you noticed that dot. You can do what Kyle says. A lot of game stores offer disc repair services. May work out better than just renting one.


Should work. If you have the hard drive space you should always install your games. Reduces the wear on your game and console.


This was one of my big reasons for getting a 360 (bought it the after NXE release). The cd/dvdrom is always the first part to crap out on my systems. I install every game I buy to the HD.


Same. Im actually reluctant to put in an older game I may have had to remove from my Hard Drive to make space for new ones. How much quieter does it actually make the console as well, its a godsend if you have a 360.


warning though, because not all games (especially some of the older ones) were designed to run off the HD. Halo 3 for example, Bungie advised that the performance of the game would be worst if played off the hard-drive and issued a notice to everyone to not install.


It increases the load times, but doesn’t actually cause any in-game issues. I have the game but I rarely play it.


i used this method on my resident evil 5. disc wouldn’t play but just enough to get it installed to HD. load from hd n it works fine every time. feels a bit faster on load times for levels and cut scene videos


Yeah I have every game I play installed to the HD to avoid any crazy flying knife inside my 360 issues while its spinning.


Also, it makes it not sound like a jet plane all the time. If only the 120gig hd wasn’t so ridiculously priced.


Ok I tried pressing Y at the “press start screen” and nothing happened. There was no option that popped up to say “Install to hard drive?”. Am I doing something wrong? How do I check to see if the game has already been installed to the hard drive? When I check my hard drive I see a file for SFIV but its only a 128 mb file. I think that just my unlocked save data. I could really use some help with this. I hate getting disc read errors while playing online.


you need to be at xbox dash board. looking at the screen that says “press A to start game”. instead of pressing A press Y like it says you can, then click install to hard drive. make sure you have like 6 gigs available


I have 47 gigs available. Bought an xbox soley for street fighter.


Yeah you need to update the 360 before you can install to HD.


You can do it from the game itself, too, can’t you? I have it on both consoles, It seems like I installed mine from the options menu in the game.


You have to have the new NXE dashboard installed. If you use LIVE, then it will be already installed as you have no choice. From the menu before you launch the game, it gives you the option to press Y (game options) then install to HDD.

You can’t do it in game, must be done from the dashboard.