[SF4] Jab Mashers

So I’m at my wits end with these players. The one that have found the light punch button and really like it. Jabjabjab when you get close, jabjabjab after whiffed normals, etc. It’s really annoying to get jabbed out of everything I do. So what can I do about them?

I’m a Viper main. I get jabbed out of ex.seismos, most hp.tks get blocked or jabbed, throws get jabbed, etc.

I feel your pain, either block it up or pick Ryu/Ken and unleash the Godlike power of DP mash. Being more helpful, certain moves void low attacks, like boxers EX Headbutt, not sure if viper has anything like this, try checking into in the viper forums or around the net.

I will.

And just as an aside question, since you’re in the UK. Is there anywhere to play SF in the North West. I’m stuck here in Liverpool with nothing but online.

with viper you should be able to rape jab mashers, your > mp overhead should hop over them, or just do cr.mp xx mp or lp tk rinse repeat until they stop pressing buttons.

Not really sure mate, i’m down in London. Only people I play from north are people from Manchester so I wouldn’t really know. Not much of an arcade scene around U.K anyway.

I know how you feel on this. That and the people who jump around with the mk extended. Hit’s Vega out of EVERYTHING.
I played a few today, did nothing but stand there and mash out jab and then I go for a jump in and get constant jump up > Mk.

It makes my blood boil.

I never thought of that. Thanks.

Yeah, sucks so hard. It’s only London that has SF4 machines.

Anyone got any advice for Vega? Wonder if we could compile a little list for everyone. What about Abel as well, aside from ex.tt?

after 2 jabs(in most cases) its no longer a real block string. jump, 3frame reversal, backdash(if your character has a good one. etc.

Block then sweep them. It’ll get you a knock-down and you can go from there. If they keep doing it then… keep sweeping them.

I was playing someone yesterday who would jump in on me every single time. I’d shoryuken punish the jump in then he would jump in again. Some people just don’t learn.

The overhead won’t work against standing jabs, but walk up to them and LK. Burning kick and that’ll trade/beat their jabs. Just do the kick at sweep range or further back. Jumping in against jabbers would be a simple solution as they won’t be ready to anti-air if they’re only jab mashing. If they’re truly only a jabber/simple player than jump ins work all the time and that’s Viper’s Forte. Jump + Mk + LK.Burning kick for non crossup or MK/HK Burning Kick for a crossup.

Why do you end up so close though as viper, as her attacks have a heavy startup time, so that hints at being further away when you can.

Jabs aren’t fun for Viper. Especially Rog’s. c.MP is alright against jabs but that’s only if Ryu or Rog is not in your face with them. If they are and keeping their jab strings tight you mashing on c.MP isn’t going to do much because their jabs come out 2 frames faster than your c.MP. You want to have them at a slight distance for c.MP to work otherwise just block your ass off and look to jump or tech throw the inevitable throw. f+MP works once in a while if they’re mashing jabs hardcore from a distance but if they see you going for f+MP which has laggy start up they can just switch it up and counter hit you out of it with a standing normal. Basically…just block and tech throw.

i was thinking the mp xx tk spam if they were mashing out of stuff with jab. but as i don’t play viper i would definitely listen to deviljin and not me lol

i have a bad tendency to cr jab whenever im close or out of a block string. Probably becaus I feel like I’ll get thrown or something.

Viper has the most invincibility frames on her backdash so abuse that until they start baiting it. Then once they start doing that lk BK work very well

I actually had a lot of trouble trying to play as Abel in this regard. My friend realized that, as Ryu, simply jab spamming beats every single one of Abel’s options. I can’t get in range to TT, the wheel kick gets beaten by it, even rolling into him I have to either block or just eat the jabs. The only thing (and we spent many matches going through this) that I found to beat it was a perfectly spaced sweep–too close and I’d get jabbed out of it. The other issue is that if I was just a bit to close, getting out of range was uncomfortable because it forced me to jump back since the jab spam put my character in a blocking position.

I thought it said Jab Masters, and it was another player frustrated with Ken… in any case I’d think it would be easy to beat this with C. Viper of all characters but Im not going to get my hopes up since it is online play, and Viper is execution intensive…

If you don’t properly space your Wheel Kick, then of course Jab spamming will stop it. Like your sweep, just space yourself properly. Also using s.lk(and possibly f.mk dash) is a good counter poke if someone were to just spam that. If you are in range to TT, try EX TT to dissuade him from using Jabs. If you have no meter and you know the guy is gonna jab all day, then DONT GO FOR TT.

Spamming jabs can be annoying when you are trying to tick into TT, but honestly outside of that i don’t really find them an issue for Abel. A jab once or twice out of my attempts is enough for me to change it up.

For Viper…wouldn’t a properly spaced Seismo shut that crap down?

I’ve played so many jab mashers I don’t even have to think about it anymore. Special moves rape these guys because they NEVER block. Solid AA game and hit them with lots of low combo starters and if they happen to jab an ultra out of you then hit them with your setup. No problem. If they happen to wise up then you can throw the crap out of them.

I don’t have a problem with most of these players. The exception has always been Balrog, of course. I consider his cr. jab to be one of the best pokes in the game. I get more annoyed getting jumping jabbed by Dee Jay out of something like Honda’s Headbutt in SF2.

A properly spaced move that takes 24 frames to come out? No. You literally get about half a second to react to Viper throwing a regular seismo while you’re mashing jab. You can whiff 2 or 3 jabs and still have time to jump or low block. They’ll see the start up of a MP or HP seismo from a distance and block, neutral or forward jump or just focus dash through it. EX seismo isn’t good unless he’s far away from you as well. EX seismo is only faster than her regular seismos by 5 frames (activates at frame NINETEEN LOL). At close range most good players know they can wait for the EX flash to start up and then mash jab at you before the EX seismo hits. Viper can be hit out of EX seismo before it hits anything. So even if they’re far away mashing on jabs and you go for EX seismo the yellow flash is easy to see coming and just jump or focus dash through. Seismos are only strong against jump ins when you’ve already baited them to jump at you.

Jabs can’t hurt you from a far range though so if Rog or Ryu is contempt to spam jabs from a far range just sit there. Unless they have a health lead you don’t have anything to worry about. If you don’t have a health lead just walk forward at them and try to counter hit them from a distance with c.MP or c.MK. The only time Viper has to seriously worry about jabs is when Ryu or Rog is in her face because then she has no answer as all of her special moves are slow as shit so they can jab option select the shit out of her and harass with throws. Which like I said at close range just low block and tech throw or jump away from the inevitable throw.

Mainly what people don’t realize about Viper is that Capcom decided the trade off for her huge damage potential and crazy mix up game was to basically give her normals that are arguably as slow as Zangief’s and make her special moves have huge start up. It’s like piloting a super fast tank. It’s all nice until you realize your opponent’s tools are all going to hit you faster. Then you realize the real reason why C.Viper is tough to play. Baiting moves from characters that have faster moves than yours.

SFIV jabs are lame. Just gotta space em out and counter hit them or block and tech or jump.