[SF4] Ken?



90% of the people I play online are Ken. Occasionally someone will throw in a Ryu.

Why is this?

Am I the only one experiencing this?


I’m guessing Because people stick to their comfort zone which is old school shoto street fighter.

Also Ken looks cool? and has multi hit special attacks which might make him more appealing than ryu for the casual player


you’re not the only one. ive also come across many that like to sit and watch who i pick. it must really throw them off when i pick dan


FriskyWalrus, you play Dan? Did we play last night? I’m a Ken user and played my first Dan online yesterday around 11 pm EST.


i just looked through my recent players and we didnt play lol but i usually play as dan. you gotta figure out how to use him, but when you do, hes amazing


I, too, see more Ken players than anyone else… but I have no room to talk since I play/love Ken, too.


Sticking to shotos until i get the game mechanics down


I’ve never liked playing as ken. Seeing like 95% of everyone playing as Ken doesn’t make me wanna play him any more.


Ken is easy to beat, but i realized when i started to use him that he is really good against Sagats


I’d rather it be 90% kens than Sagats… makes me cringe thinking about it


I’ve ran into the complete opposite. I think all i’ve played was Ryu’s and then maybe every once an awhile a Sagat.


“Just pick Ken already.”

That’s how I feel in the request matches. I go and bluff Ken and watch dude pick Ken. I go and bluff Akuma, and dude picks Ken. I bluff Dhalsim and dude picks Ken. I choose Viper and beat Ken. It never matters. Either it’s Ken, Sakura, or Ryu.

I would rather see more Sagats than Kens. Ken does have that fast-ass wakeup SRK, though.


I haven’t really seen any Sakura’s online much. Just like once or twice. Everyone else was Ken and Ryu. Even right now it just came up as straight up Ken.


i wish i ran in to kens i run in to ryus only -_-


ive gone agiast millions of kens ryus and freaking geifs.


I believe sf4 introduced tons of new people to street fighter. They see other people pick ken so they follow suit.




I blame it on the forum name.


i went agaist maybe like 5 sagats… 3 of them were really good.


In <200 matches, I’ve probably fought 140+ Kens, maybe 12 DIFFERENT Sagats (Not a single one was any good), and the rest were either Ryu, Akuma, Sakura, 1 Gouken, 1 Viper (dead even fight, I won), 2 Giefs, 5 Blankas, 5 or 6 Cammys, and NOTHING else.

Ken Fighter IV. Seriously.