SF4 Ken's Ultra Shinryuken in 2D

Hi guys,

i’m making a game with the OpenBor engine , a Final Fight Beat them all game, and i wanted to show you a video i made about one of my current wip char, Ken.
I took the third strike sprites as my basement sprites for the other classical anims, and i drawn the whole SF4 Shinryuken’s sprites, 149 frames exactly. It tooks to me several nights to complete the anim but i can say the result isn’t too bad, i let you judge about the result.

Hope you’ll like it.
If you have some interests i’ll post here more of my sprites soon.

Yup. simply fantastic!

sweet! must have taken a long time

that was incredible :tup:

havent posted in a long time.

your animation of that move is great bro

Well the vid won’t play for me past three seconds in but I’m interested in this game you’re making.

Thats awesome…if only Ken could actually combo into his ultra like that in SF4 :sweat:

you must be a complete mad man to put so much effort into stuff like this!
its beyond fantastic you nutter.:lovin:

Simply amazing! Your efforts were well worth the results! :cool:

absolutely lovely.

Wow guy,

First of all, i’d like to thanks all of you for your messages. :slight_smile: It’s nice to see people have interest in work that achieves.

Indeed Poot, it tooks several nights to me to complete the whole frames… Crazy nights, and i still have to fix some frames that needs more colors…


Thanks Joe, you can see more of my game with one or two videos in youtube, i also made a video presenting Guy moves, just click on “other videos of yotatouch”. The other videos are a little old but still, you can have an idea of the current wip.

Mr List

I guess all drawer are ‘nutter’ :wgrin: especially when you love what you do :wonder: I take it as the best compliment.


Thanks Rey.
I post some screens of the current game. Some pics of the first stage, Metro Coty 1-1, you can also see the new appearence of Cody(i can’t see anymore SF Zero 3 Cody… the oldest one from the arcade version was so cool…).
Note. Axl’s (the ennemy) sprite isn’t the definitive one, just a shot i made but will be more like 3rd Strike tint.

http://yotachnakian.free.fr/Downloads/BOR/BOR - 0013.gif

Wow, that’s amazing. I like it. That would have been the sickest Super Art in 3rd Strike.

The closest you could get to that is an airborne EX Tatsumaki Senpukyakyu into the Ultra Combo.

how the hell you do the normal combos together with specials and then super cancel into super …huh ???

it was awesome!

:open_mouth: thats was sweet man ^^ well done

Checked it today again and the vid worked. That shit was sweet. I see you have Guy, Cody, Ken… all I want now is Sakura and I’d be set.

I saved a pic of an older Sakura, the sprite isn’t animated, and I dunno what you can do with it though. I just thought I’d bring that up.

Wow dude, that’s freakin’ awesome! The animation is very smooth and slick man, really great job!

awesome work man! So u actually drew all those frames, if so ur a madman! lol.
So when r u planning on releasing game? Btw if u need any help w art lemme know. :slight_smile:

ok…that animation looked… PERFECT. Excellent job translating it to 2d.

very very nice.