SF4 lag on an LCD monitor?

I’m using a VGA cable for my 360, and I know SF4 has some input delay issues on HDTVs. Is this true for LCD monitors as well?

Depends on it’s response time.

Depends entirely on the monitor. I’ve got a lagless ASUS that’s pretty nice.

  • Response time is not the same as input lag (video processing delay).



In general, there are almost no filters run on VGA input of computer monitor. Monitors tend to expect the video card to be doing all the heavy lifting so they are light in terms of image enhancements. IIRC the 360 does its own upscaling before it outputs the signal so you should be perfectly fine. HDTVs tend to lag mostly because of smoothing filters and other crap that is GREAT for movies and all that but absolute shit for games where actual fidelity to input matters. Case in point, my friend has a beautiful Sony Bravia that lagged what felt like a full second on his PS3 when we first plugged it in. Turned off EVERY filter and image enhancement option and SFIV became playable.

Why does this LCD monitor have a 6 pin DIN cable? I found an old car lcd monitor (one that goes in the back of the headrests) and i don’t know what to with it because instead of having a normal s video output cable, the only thing it has is a 6 pin DIN cable, which is the same connection used for computer mouses and keyboards. I have no idea what to do with it because I can’t find any adapters or anything.

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maybe is composite connector?


I really really need to get myself one of those monitors. I play SF IV PC on this old ass Samsung lcd monitor and performing combos is a nightmare on it cause of the input lag associated with it.

Would it be possible to use VGA with a video card that doesn’t have VGA sockets? like would i be able to use a vga cable with a DVI adapter and still get the same results?

Thanks for any advice in advance.