SF4 lag


What it do SRK peeps?? I’ve been checking the web if anyone has come across crazy lag, but everyone says the game plays perfect online, so I dont know where to go. The lag I get is unbearable. I know its not my connection, because other games don’t lag as much and I’ve measured the speed countless times, it averages at download speed of 913KB/sec (7309 kbps). I know, its not the NAT type, because its NAT type 2. I enabled DMZ and UPnP forwarding on my router. I tried port-forwarding. I even bought a new router and did all that crap. I don’t know what to do again.

When I look for games, it finds rooms with 4 bars and it still lags, and sometimes I find rooms without any signal, and it lags less, wtf??!!. So Im asking if anyone has it or can suggest something that I can try to fix it, because its driving me crazy. Waiting how many months for the game, watching videos and shit, and I cant even play with people properly.


[]Use a wired connection instead of wireless.
]Try a different network cable.
[]Enable high priority traffic to your PS3 on your router (on Linksys Routers, this is found in QoS and it can prioritize traffic via MAC address).
]Try a different MTU setting (research needed)