SF4 Launch Tournament on 2/19 at Universal Citywalk in Hollywood


Post here if you gonna go! Also, Seth will be there taking pictures and autographs if you want to meet him. He is confirmed.

Are you gonna go Danny???

Will be there with AmuseME. Be ready thugs.

will probably just get my ass knocked around but i’ll go just to rep viper

godammit son of a bitch

why thursday

sulks to class

I’ll be there with Cairogenics to knock his ass around.

motherfucking EGYPT!!! ?(o.O)?

Megaman, are we going to this? Let me know.

-Tha Hindu

So uhh is there going to be joysticks to use?

No sticks apparently.

This gamestop shit is retarded…

not sure yet, who are you again?

Hope we get to win more dolls :lol:.

-Tha Hindu

Will Micheal Clark Duncan be there to scream “when i say STREET, you say FIGHTAH?”

WTF is the point of throwing a tournament the day of the game’s release? Why not give the people who buy the game at LEAST a couple weeks to get good at it? My copy doesn’t even arrive from Amazon until the 20th!

is anybody bringing sticks/are they allowed? i’ve heard of some gamestop tournaments allowing them

Thats is the point…Plus its been out on arcade…this no stick shit is ass though…

Just got a confirmation from the City Walk Gamestop that this will strictly be a pad get-together. No sticks what so ever. I believe the tourney will also be thrown on a mix of PS3s and 360s. So one round you might be playing on a 360 and the other on a PS3. SRK just got owned.

-Tha Hindu

hahahahahahahah that’s funny.

but alas I may not go to this great event because it’s only two hours, no proper tournament even remotely starts on time or ends on time.

Fuck that, I want him to flex his guns and yell, “I GOT PAID!!!” I’ll Youtube that shit like no tomorrow.

-Tha Hindu