SF4 lingo (Term wasn't in the sticky)

So I checked the sticky and didn’t see this term and im a little confused, someone used the term “hands” what does that mean? I think the quote was “MK to hands” does that just mean any punch or something?

You should probably, you know, just ask in the sticky. Also hands refers to Gen’s button mash special (forget what it’s called)

Could refer to a specific character’s attack…Gen’s rapid hands, or Honda’s 100 hand slap.

Hands is short for moves like hundred hand slap. Whoever you heard was talking about Gen canceling his mk into his hundred hand slap(not sure what Gen’s is actually called). Legs would be Chun’s lightning legs.

It’s a great set-up for him. Deleted from SSF4 if I recall correctly.

thats really yacko! - term used for hitting ex snake strike
fiddle sticks! - when u drop ur stick cause ur pants fell off
nudder fudder - when u win a tournament
sick life bro - when u beat someone with no life

“Hands” can refer to E. Honda’s Hundred Hand Slap (Hyakuretsu Harite) or Gen’s Rapid Slap (Hyakurenko). People abbreviate it as hands as you would with Chun-Li’s Lightning Legs (Hyakuretsu Kyaku) which would be legs (ex: Low Short, Low Short, Low Short into EX Legs).