Sf4 Mad Catz Joystick SE?

Its 50 dollars now but i am wondering if it still has the problems it did when it first came out i do not have money for a TE.

If you don’t have the money sit on your ass and wait until you do… it always has problems such as knock buttons and stick and will crap out on you real quick…

You could always swap out parts later though… but its kind of an annoyance to have to do that straight out of the box imo…

Hell yeah, Worth every penny.

eiter mod the se which is really easy to do or save for a te.

I have seen already modded se sticks on sale for as little as 60 shipped in the trading forum as well. good place to look.

I think it’s worth it, and if worse comes to worse and something is wrong with the joystick or buttons, you could always upgrade your parts to sanwa/seimitsu parts. It’s a very good beginning stick, and I started on a SE then modded it before I got a TE and I don’t regret it at all