SF4 matchup requests

This thread is aimed at getting people to play/learn requested characters in hopes of improving a matchup… since sf4 is all about matchups. I’m open to picking up any character if someone else will do the same for me/others. Try and keep garbage characters out since you can usually adapt to them quickly.

This thread will be divided into requests and who is learning which character

Also, might want to take 1 request at a time since it does no good if you pick up a character and you can’t play them at a decent level. I’ll start off by taking the gross task of learning Zangief!

ejdge- Ryu, Sagat, Zangief, Rufus, Chun Li.
MysticShadow- ryu , zangief
masturfader- ryu , zangief
B0kkin- Ken, Rufus, Blanka, Bison, Viper
RAFA- Sagat, Geif, Honda, Akuma, Sim
dkn29- Ryu, Sagat, Zangief, M. Bison

Characters being learned
ejdge- Zangief
MysticShadow- ryu , akuma , abel
masturfader- ryu , guile
B0kkin- Cammy, Guile
RAFA- Sagat, Akuma, Sim, Bison
dkn29- Balrog

requests - ryu , zangief
characters being learned - ryu , akuma , abel


Chun, Viper, Sagat, Bison

Characters being learned

Ryu, Guille

Requests :

Ken, Rufus, Blanka, Bison, Viper

Characters being learned:

Cammy, Guile


Sagat, Geif, Honda, Akuma, Sim

Characters being learned:

Sagat, Akuma, Sim, Bison


Ryu, Sagat, Zangief, M. Bison

Characters being learned:

Balrog, maybe Akuma(if I can’t figure out Sagat)

Rufus, Balrog, Blanka, Seth

Sim, Guile

I can provide any Honda exp you would like.