SF4 mini documentary is up. Watch here!

The video journalism piece entitled;
Arcade Culture; Back from the Dead with Street Fighter 4
is edited and uploaded!
I had so much great footage of interviews and game play that it was actually hard to edit because I had so much great stuff!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH! http://www.seattleiam.com/videos/3eb506411f12

BIG THANKS 2 Frank Caraan, Michael Davis, Mandel Scott, Sean Caraan and Andre Hill.

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nice job man, great video.

this is awesome man, it’s very nicely done.


mandel mobbed the fuck into that arcade.


i need to go to washington soon-ish.

You should try to help us out with our documentary lol, or at least give some pointers cause we are pretty much winging it as far as footage and stuff like that. Like I have a general idea on how I want it to play out, but yeah my experience with the whole thing is…pretty much next to none.

Wow… :tup:

Hey when you guys go watch the video, you can vote to have it be on the front page. Everyone go and vote for that shit to be on the front page and let’s get this SFIV hype to the next level son!

Josh, this piece was AMAZING! I really enjoy it! Thanks so much for having us in it…hope that we can do a future project of evo eh?

Thank you so much you guys! How can we get more people on shoryuken to see this? Any ideas about other places to post this video or might want to embed?

Can’t wait till this thing drop on consol? Let me know if you guys are having a get together or anything. You got my email.

Offer MrWizard a month’s supply of McRibs in exchange for front page coverage.

I’ma go watch the video and do my part to vote it to the front page of the host site. :tup:

Watched and voted!

Great little piece on SF4 and the arcade scene up in 206!

Thanks a lot again Josh. This is Mandel. I’ll ask around and see if we can get the video onto the frontpage of SRK. Also, regarding the get togethers, we get together at Zach’s aka Preppy’s house twice a month for gaming. The vast majority of the Seattle SF scene meets up there to play. He has a thread for his gatherings here in the NW section.

Freakin’ Deezy F. Baby got celebrity status. hahah good shit. :tup:

Someone like Airthrow can embed or link to the vid on the SRK property page.

the vid has been posted on unity