[SF4] Most Accessible Character

I’m wondering what the consensus is on who is the easiest character for for someone who is completely new to fighting games to have fun with?

Assume complete inability to do special move inputs, let alone execute combos or manage spacing or anything like that.

That said, I’d like this person’s first experience to be somewhat postiive, so it would be nice if they could have fun being relatively effective just using normals and throws and learning simple stuff.

Sagat? Rufus? Or are they too dependant on specials?

Learn to do specials. It’ll help you in the long run.

But I would say Balrog probably. Charge characters are easy to work with when starting out, and Rog has some great normals.

Ryu is always recommended, even from the developers.

Great Anti Air normals, great pokes which are comboable (most of them). And well… he can throw ! xD

im not quite sure if it is still “easy” to win ONLY with normals (ok dhalsim can still win only with normals) because the game is relatively “old”, so people are more experienced now than in an earlier phase of the game

zangief, hands down.

even just starting out, if you know how to mash 3P or 3K, can crank out a 360 or even just do a dp, you’ll be winning more than a fair share of fights against not just fellow beginners but casuals and poser og’s.

all kidding aside, he has enough health to take a beating, and all you need to learn is the situation to start cranking or mashing and BAM, you have yourself an victory (or narrow defeat…either way, he makes you look decent right off the bat).

Ryu. He’s the supreme example of Keeping it Simple.

Crouching MK is a wonderful poke and a good first step in learning footsies and it combos.
his specials cover a broad range of offense and defense
His dragon punch is perfect for showing people the worth of using specials of different strengths.
His hurricane kick can be used everywhere with the EX version being a good defensive tool

He can do everything.


sounds like someone’s trying to get his girlfriend to play sf4 with him :rofl:

i vote for balrog.

Make it a charge character, because there is less reward for mashing buttons. Hes not the best, but for keeping it simple you can’t go wrong with guile.

My actual answer would be ryu, but complete beginners learning shotos tend to mash and then to get any further you have to untrain the mashing.

charge character
good specials
just make sure that they know to use neutral jump fierce to move forward versus shotos

I’d pick either sagat or ryu, or if you want a charge character, blanka.

I would say when you first start charage characters are a bit easier to use, though using them won’t help you play the other characters so if you do want to switch to a non charge character later it’s going to be a bit like starting over (same goes the other way round).

Zangief for an easy starting time.

Ryu, no doubt in my mind. Start off with him; get a feel for the game and once that’s getting comfortable, switch to Blanka for a great starter’s charge character. Lastly, hit up the 'Geif to see what all the 360-motion, command grab characters play like.

My $0.02.

Ryu is a good choice. He is an advanced character, but still easy for newbies to pick up. Ryu relies a lot of advance spacing, so I wouldn’t always recommend him. Ken is actually a better choice for newbies. He has similar stuff to Ryu, but doesn’t rely as much on spacing. A lot of noobs like to use Ken, because he’s pretty straight forward. I would say avoid mashing DP too much, because a lot of newb Kens are inclined to do that for whatever reason.

@Makro Planar

Haha, on the money. Wouldn’t it be great though? :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions, I hadn’t considered Rog, he makes sense in a lot of ways.

I had sort of discounted shotos in my head, because I remember finding the srk motion a bit perplexing when I first played SFII, but your right SF4 is pretty forgiving about mashing.

Honda is another good suggestion. Every one can can mash punch :slight_smile:

I think it all depends on whether or not the person really wants to get into fighting games or if it’s just to play casually. If it’s the later then I think Gief, Blanka or Balrog would be best since they’re pretty strong characters with special moves that are relatively easy to pull off for a beginner.

That said, if your friend wants to play somewhat seriously, I’d suggest going with Ryu mainly because learning to play him is learning how play SFIV in a lot of ways. At least that’s what I think… I was pretty much on the same boat when SFIV was launched.

Ryu or Balrog

If the goal is fun, I’d recommend Claw. Claw’s normals look cool and he has some speed, and if the new player randomly pulls off an izuna he/she will feel awesome.

He doesn’t start stinking up the joint until you consider ultras and wakeup, but at very low levels of play that isn’t an issue.

No love for Chun? :3

new players aren’t gonna be winning tourneys with her…but she has great normals, good speed, and anyone can mash kicks too. Also she’s a charge character and she’s got a fireball. That’s pretty much everything. Also the fact she lacks an all-purpose DP means you won’t go learning bad mashy habits.

Trouble is her low health, I guess…but I’d still recommend her. If my girlfriend didn’t hate SF4 with a passion ( :’( ) I’d probably start her off on Chun.

From my experience with new players… charge characters frustrate them. If I was to pick a charge character for a newbie whos nott rying to play seriously, the only one id pick is chun li (especially for a girl) as mashing into a flurry of kicks is strangely rewarding.

Other than that Id say Ryu or Cammy. Ryu because he is the trademark beginner player, well balanced, easy to do moves, easy learning curve etc.

I say Cammy becuz she can cover distance, she can be button mashed, and lets face it… she is one sexy bish. Most female noobs i know have funw ith cammy. My gf is one of them, for instance.

Speaking as a Claw scrub…

As a pick-up-and-play character, he’s definitely one of the easiest in the game to start learning seriously. He’s not nearly as rewarding as characters like Ryu and Sagat, but his links are mostly quite easy (c. LP c. MP link, s. LK c. MP link, close HP c. MP link, c. MK c. MP link all leap readily to mind), and his BnBs and punishment are all pretty easy too (blocked something really unsafe? c. MP xx EX walldive combo or Ultra [assuming you’re not too spazzy to do the motion on reaction]). The execution barrier is pretty damn low where Claw is concerned (but hey, you don’t hear me complaining!).

As for air footsies, they’re rather unforgiving (bad spacing can often mean you land on a very nasty combo), but also kind of easy to understand. Jump fierce is amazing, jump roundhouse is good, vertical jump roundhouse and fierce are also good, jump strong has its uses (especially in annoying matchups like Chun-Li/Guile), and if you absolutely, positively need to beat something in the air, jump LK will probably do the trick. And for really stupid jumps, there’s always air throw.

His mobility is not as great as previous games, but still good, and blocked FA -> backdash can help keep him out of trouble. He can dash under jump-ins easy enough, and has okay anti-Focus tools in the form of stand roundhouse and kara throw.

The only thing that keeps him from being a really, REALLY beginner character is not so much his health as his piss-poor reversal options. If Claw gets pinned down, you can’t force your way out; you have to take it like a man and tech throws, stand up for overheads, and most importantly learn to read your opponent’s offensive intentions, FAST, because if they guess right (particularly if “they” are playing Ryu/Balrog), you’re right back to square one and quite possibly down a shitton of health. You’ve got no kind of reversal to scare your opponent into more conservative offense; they can jump in on you after a knockdown without any kind of fear. You definitely learn good defensive fundamentals with Claw, but it’s fucking PAINFUL nonetheless.

The way I see it, nobody teaches footsies and fundamental “mashless” defense like Claw, but he’s one harsh fucking taskmaster. Chun teaches many of the same kind of lessons, but much more gently since she has a fireball to cover her ass and a much scarier offense (as well as links and BnBs that are just about as easy as Claw’s). I still get my ass handed to me on a regular basis, but I like to think Claw’s at least keeping me honest. I can only shudder at the thought of what kind of scrub I could have been if I’d stuck to Bison…