SF4 National Championship in California


Is anyone going to this?

This looks pretty sweet & it’s free… I may be going down to watch the Daigo vs Poonko vs Justin match…


I’m pretty sure I’m going to go check it out. I mean it’s here and I live here and I love Street Fighter–seems like a given.


It seems like you’re ready…to go all the way.


what is a ?cage-style? video game tournament


two men enter… one man leaves.



you think they would come all the way from the other side of the planet & not play them?


I thought you were reffering to something completely different…I’ll edit my original post.


Bonesaw’s ready


haha I think that’s one of Ken’s win quotes


I am actually gonna be in the Bay Area the Monday after this tournament. Maybe I should look to rescheduling my flight so I can head down that way…


You should and u should record matches of everyone woo yeah woo!


Just forgot that my little niece is having her 1st birthday party that day. No can do. bawwwww