SF4 New York Players!

I figured I would start a thread for SF4 players from NY like myself.

I’m usually on at night and mostly on the weekends over XBL. My user name is: iHoneyBFly and im from Brooklyn, NY

I’m sure there are many more NY SF4 players on the site. If you meet the criteria then say so as i’m looking to challenge people in the area and maybe participate in some tourneys.


Not sure if there is already a similar thread, but I checked and I couldn’t find anything so I apologize in advance to any mods if this was inappropriate.


There are actually a few threads but yeah there could always be more. Throw me a friend request, I play a little almost every night and quite a bit on weekends. It will be cool once Super is out because you can have like 8 people in a lobby.

Check the XBL forum, there’s player lists in there … check the regional forums, too. This will probably be closed.

I think we ran into each other last night in Champ mode, too … gg.

is there any staten island sfiv players out there? :frowning: