Sf4 no johns! april 4th!


Toy Wiz
253 West Rt.59
Nanuet, NY 10954

Store #

April 4th, 2009

-Xbox 360
-Wired Controllers, gamepads, or Arcade stick. Bring your own contoller!!
-No use of “turbo” on controller
-Double Elimination
-2/3 sets (each game is 2/3)
-Winners, losers, and grand finals are best 3/5 sets (each game is 3/5)
-Winner stays with same character
-All characters Legal

prize money is distibuted to top 3 of each event
1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

Door fee!


Entree Fee


10am - doors open free play allowed
12:00 noon - Registration starts.
1:00 - Registration ends.
1:30 - Street Fighter 4 bracket begins

i’m in there like swimwear… bum doesn’t only play smash you know

Thats what i’m talking about baby now spread the word =D

SF4 tourneys usually play each round 2/3 actually. Think about every game being 3/5 2 outta 3 sets. MAD LONG…LONGER THAN BRAWL!

D1 thank you for helping =]…