Sf4: normal cancels to normal links

Hi. I’m starting out in sf4 and I’m having trouble with cancels into links. Ill use cammy as a example. I can cr.lk xx cannon spike no prob but as soon as I try to cr.lk> cr.lk >cr.lk xx cannon spike, It won’t come out. I tried to just work on canceling cr.lk>cr.lk by itself but when I try this , I’m either linking them or I’m havin to input 3 cr.lk in order to get it to actually cancel. Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong? I’m guessing its a timing issue but I been working at it for a while and i still can’t seem to grasp it. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks!!

It’s not working because there’s a game mechanic in SF4 that doesn’t allow you to combo after a chained attack. If you notice, whenever you mash cr.lks with certain characters, it’s extremely easy to connect. That’s because the game is technically cancelling each cr.lk into the next one, which is what we called a chained attack. But because you can’t connect a special move after a chained move, the combo will always fail.

Indeed, there might be an actual glitch with Cammy’s chained combo system, but an easier method would be to avoid chaining your attacks to begin with. The easiest way to do this is to do cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.lk x cannon spike. As you noted, it’s primarily a timing issue, but using the attack string I mentioned earlier makes the combo a LOT easier to connect.

do the folliwng: cr.lk chain cr.lk link cr.lk

basically the way i’d do it is just hit cr.lk twice quickly then slow down the third one to allow the animation from the second cr.lk to end.

Hopefully I understood your question correctly.

i actually forgot to mention that i have did some research and knows that i cant cancel a chain into a special. but ill give that combo a try. thanks!

yeah! thats exactly what i meant. i actually tried again. slowing down on the 3rd cr.lk and was able to cancel it with the special but both attack were blocked. ill try again. thanks!

im actually playing on a arcade stick that i recently got. perhaps im just not use to using it and how sensitive the sanwa springs are for the buttons.

You didn’t enough research.


cr.lk is +2 on hit, so its impossible to link another cr.lk after it (+3 startup), they CAN ONLY BE CHAINED!!

So the combo: cr.lk, cr.lk xx special is IMPOSSIBLE.

As mentioned, cr.lp is +6 on hit, so to link a cr.lk after it is an easy 4 frame link (lol didnt know these existed, mus be the easiest link in the game). I would suggest to got for cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.mp xx spiral arrow (its a 2 frame link, 3 frame if you plink), its super easy and does more damage. Its the standard combo for cammy.

thanks for clearing it up. although i havent really looked into frame data yet. i went back to my source and saw that i made a mistake. the combo was actually suppose to be cr.lp>cr.lp>cr.lp xx special. this is pretty embarrassing. thanks alot!

Previous posters did a pretty good job explaining why these combos either do, or do not, work.

One thing I’d like to add, is that the cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.lk is preferable to the cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp combo because 1) the combo is easier to time when you don’t have to worry about linking a cr.lp after a chain attack in case you mistime it, and 2) cr.lk has more range and hits low compared to cr.lp.

The idea here is to practice practical combos, your bread and butter combos, ones that you will actually use in a match and are proven to be effective. I recommend that after you learn this combo, you set the training dummy to auto-block, and you train yourself to identify whether or not the initial hits are hitting your opponent or if he’s blocking it. That way, you can practice hit confirm combos, which is pretty essential to Cammy’s game.

There is a glitch with Cammy’s links.

Tl;dr, always link to cr.mp instead of cr.lk.

yeah. after i saw his post , i looked into frame data and understands the basic of it. i started out practicing special attacks, focus dashing, canceling normals with fadc , and now im working on the bnb combos for cammy, and bison. i seem to be having more luck with linking combos rather than cancels into links. im able to do bison’s cr.lp>st.lp>st.lk xx scissor kicks about every 2/10 times and cammy’s cr.lp>cr.lp>cr.lp xx cannon spike every 1/20 times. ill take ur advice and look into more practical combos for cammy. and ill give the cr.lk>cr.lp>cr.lk xx cannnon spike a try. thanks!